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Stealer Vidar
Updated on 2024-04-20 (3 months ago)
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Vidar is a highly dangerous malware that specializes in stealing both personal information and cryptocurrency from infected users. Named after the ancient Scandinavian god of Vengeance, Vidar lives up to its name by silently infiltrating systems, logging keystrokes, and extracting valuable data. It also targets cryptocurrency wallets and can drain victims' digital assets, making it a dire threat to online privacy and financial security.

FileNeconfirmat 977073.crdownload
Checked2024-04-19 23:58:08
File Size4539272 bytes Removal Removal

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File Version Information

CompanyName© Rizonesoft
LegalCopyrightCopyright © 2008-2023 Rizonesoft
Translation0x0409 0x04b0

Portable Executable Info

Image Base:0x140000000
Entry Point:0x14028d8b4
Compilation:2023-02-03 19:53:27
Checksum:0x00457869 (Actual: 0x00457869)
OS Version:6.0
PDB Path:D:\Rizonesoft\Develop\Notepad3\Bin\Release_x64_v143\Notepad3.pdb
PEiD:PE32+ executable (GUI) x86-64, for MS Windows
Sign:The expected hash does not match the digest in SpcInfo
Imports: ntdll, COMCTL32, SHLWAPI, USER32, KERNEL32, GDI32, COMDLG32, ADVAPI32, SHELL32, ole32, OLEAUT32, IMM32,
Exports: 14


Name Virtual Address Virtual Size Raw Size MD5 Entropy
.text 0x00001000 0x002e3fd6 0x002e4000 9b7bfc7fdacbbb819af50c21a53278fd 6.56
.data 0x002e5000 0x000a3780 0x0008e400 84130d4c56e1f27461f11bc25665720a 1.22
.pdata 0x00389000 0x00012a8c 0x00012c00 b3d674afa034b2ec84a16cf6a3eec2c2 6.22
.idata 0x0039c000 0x00004994 0x00004a00 f6e70d2d992f45650f9aa25fa553f89d 4.87
_RDATA 0x003a1000 0x0000015c 0x00000200 d7c278b64106389b67723546cd60da12 5.19
.rsrc 0x003a2000 0x000c3378 0x000c3400 d9e9b25262a2fe4c0e334d43bd16031c 5.05
.reloc 0x00466000 0x00004478 0x00004600 6b57ba00900b00f28a489179aff455ef 5.42

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