PUADlManager:Win32/OfferCore Detection Analysis & Removal Guide
PUADlManager:Win32/OfferCore brings numerous unwanted programs to your PC

PUADlManager:Win32/OfferCore is a detection of Microsoft Defender related to bundled software, specifically to a piece of code that is used to create the bundle. OfferCore itself is not a specific program or application. Instead, it is an add-on used to package multiple software components into a single installer. Such components rarely include any useful applications and usually deliver unwanted software.

What is PUADlManager:Win32/OfferCore?

OfferCore is a bundling tool that is used to install additional apps along with the “main” one. While such solutions were initially created to make free software monetization easier, their main usage these days is spreading unwanted software. The latter may include adware, malicious plugins, pseudo-effective apps and similar stuff.

One particular example of an installer detected with this name is the one for the infamous μTorrent. During the installation, it typically brings one or several unwanted programs to the system. Microsoft Defender tags it as Win32/OfferCore. Moreover, this torrent client alone has the capabilities of adware, which is less than desirable.

μTorrent - PUADlManager OfferCore Detection

Seeing the Win32/OfferCore detection means that there is a software installer infused with this bundler. While its presence is not severely dangerous, having one running in the system is not a desirable situation.

What is PUADlManager?

PUADlManager is a software monetization and distribution method that combines multiple programs into a single installer. Often users do not realize that they are not only installing the desired application but also additional components, most commonly unwanted applications. Bundling is considered malicious by numerous security vendors, including GridinSoft, because it violates transparency and user trust.

How does OfferCore affect my computer?

The peculiar thing about Win32/OfferCore is that it does not inflict direct damage to the system. Instead, this damage is brought by numerous unwanted programs it downloads. Some of them trigger a chain reaction, spawning even more junk apps during the installation. Here are a few OfferCore PUA effects I’ve encountered while working with the samples on a virtual machine:

  • It changed browser settings and redirected to unwanted sites. I could not use my usual search engine, homepage, or new tab, but instead could see a suspicious domain that belongs to or is promoted by malware installed by OfferCore.
  • A lot of ads and pop-ups have started appearing; a rather unpleasant sight, if you ask me. Banners, pop-ups, and side panels of the sites are cluttered with irrelevant promotions – that is to be expected when you deal with adware. It also sometimes hides useful content on web pages or overlaps other elements, making certain websites unusable.
Adware effects
Typical sign of adware – tons of advertisements on every page
  • Analysis of the outcoming network traffic shows that some of the stuff tracks online activity and passes the data to third parties. This means that PUADlManager loaded by OfferCore collect information about the system activity, like visited sites, search history, activity hours, installed apps, etc.
  • The sheer volume of junk apps running in the system also noticeably reduces computer responsiveness and Internet connection bandwidth. Part of the slowdown probably happened due to the performance restrictions of the virtual machine. Nonetheless, it is still representative of how bad this will be to a weak system.
PUADlManager OfferCore Downloaded
All these unwanted programs start along with the system

How to Remove PUADlManager:Win32/OfferCore

To remove PUADlManager:Win32/OfferCore from your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Use a reliable antivirus program to get rid of the OfferCore PUADlManager. Gridinsoft Anti-Malware will repel all the nasty stuff brought by the bundled installation. This step is a must, as unwanted programs can block or revert further steps.
  2. Reset your browser settings. You can do this manually for each browser, or let GridinSoft Anti-Malware do it for you. The program allows resetting all the web browsers in a couple of clicks, which saves quite a bit of your time.
  3. To avoid further infections, be careful when downloading and installing programs from the Internet. Always choose official or trusted sources, be suspicious about questionable sources. Also, always choose custom or advanced installation mode whenever possible, and refuse additional or recommended components that may contain PUPs.
GridinSoft Anti-Malware main screen

Download and install Anti-Malware by clicking the button below. After the installation, run a Full scan: this will check all the volumes present in the system, including hidden folders and system files. Scanning will take around 15 minutes.

After the scan, you will see the list of detected malicious and unwanted elements. It is possible to adjust the actions that the antimalware program does to each element: click "Advanced mode" and see the options in the drop-down menus. You can also see extended information about each detection - malware type, effects and potential source of infection.

Scan results screen

Click "Clean Now" to start the removal process. Important: removal process may take several minutes when there are a lot of detections. Do not interrupt this process, and you will get your system as clean as new.

Removal finished

By Stephanie Adlam

I write about how to make your Internet browsing comfortable and safe. The modern digital world is worth being a part of, and I want to show you how to do it properly.

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