Advanced Window Manager

Another adware that masquerades as a Windows tweaker

Advanced Window Manager is a potentially unwanted software that floods the user’s system with advertisements. Its pretends to be a tool that adds new functionality to Windows, but in fact redirects search queries, tracks user’s Internet activity and shows advertisements. Typical ways of this program distribution are software bundling and malvertising. Advanced Window Manager Overview… Continue reading Advanced Window Manager


Microsoft detects MEmu emulator as PUABundler:Win32/MemuPlay for bringing a software bundle

PUABundler:Win32/MemuPlay is a detection of the MemuPlay program that, when installed, installs numerous unwanted programs without the user’s knowledge. Although the program itself is safe, the bundle it carries may contain dangerous applications. These apps may start spamming the user with advertisements and notifications, or even disrupt system functionality. MemuPlay uses bundling for monetization purposes,… Continue reading PUABundler:Win32/MemuPlay


Seeing the PUADIManager:Win32/Sepdot detection? This may end up with much more malware

PUADLManager:Win32/Sepdot is a potentially unwanted application that installs additional software. It specifically flags an application software that handles software bundling functionality. Sepdot is often packed into freeware applications or pirated software. Potentially unwanted applications may look like less dangerous threats, but they can still create the problems. Intrusive advertisements, tracking users’ online activity, harvesting personal… Continue reading PUADLManager:Win32/Sepdot

Chromstera Browser

Chromstera looks as a Chrome-like browser, but can act as adware

Chromstera Browser a rogue browser that mimics Google Chrome, and spams ads, redirects search queries and collects data about the user’s online activity. Like the majority of such software, it is distributed as “recommended program” in bundles and through malicious adverts. Chromstera Browser Overview Chromstera Browser is potentially unwanted software positioned as an alternative web… Continue reading Chromstera Browser

Universal Browser

A window with Universal Browser indicates the presence of potentially unwanted software on your system.

Universal Browser is a name of a browser that users spectate in a strange update window that pops up in the system, occasionally reporting an update error. This window is in fact related to the Chromstera browser – a rogue web browser app. The appearance of this window happens along with systems going crazy –… Continue reading Universal Browser

Wave Browser

Another Chrome clone tries to spy on its users

Wave Browser is an unwanted browser application that tries to look as a yet another Chromium-based project. Although it performs its function, according to users’ reviews, there are more problems than benefits. Now, we will take a closer look at it and determine whether you should use it. What is a Wave Browser? Wave Browser… Continue reading Wave Browser


PUA:Win32/Conduit can infect your web browsers, adding toolbars and changing the default page

PUA:Win32/Conduit is a potentially unwanted application that performs suspicious activity with the browser. It changes the homepage and search engine and installs extensions. It is distributed through hacked software or under the “recommended software” guise. PUA:Win32/Conduit Overview PUA:Win32/Conduit (also goes by PUAAdvertising:Win32/Conduit) is a potentially unwanted application belonging to Conduit Search. One of Conduit’s characteristic… Continue reading PUA:Win32/Conduit

Adaware Web Companion

Web Companion fakes its results and may come along with unwanted programs

Web Companion is an unwanted program works as a web protection tool. It appears unexpectedly, after the installation of a different program, and tries to make the user pay for a “premium” version. Questionable effectiveness and bloated results are what makes it not recommended to use. Pseudo-effective applications are not severely dangerous, but they can… Continue reading Adaware Web Companion


PUA:Win32/MyWebSearch takes over your browser, adding toolbars and hijacking web requests

PUA:Win32/MyWebSearch is a Microsoft Defender detection that refers to an unwanted browser modifier. This application adds add-ons and toolbars that in fact take control of the web browser, redirecting search queries and causing advertisements to appear. It usually spreads as add-on software in bundles and is often installed without the user’s explicit consent. PUA:Win32/MyWebSearch Overview… Continue reading PUA:Win32/MyWebSearch


Detailed analysis of PUA:Win32/Presenoker and removal recommendations.

PUA:Win32/Presenoker is an adware designed to make money by showing intrusive advertisements and collecting data. This malware can take control of your web browser and send you to advertising pages. The majority of them will be questionable, without even a slight tint of relevance. It is often disguised as legitimate cracked software, driver finder, or… Continue reading PUA:Win32/Presenoker