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Virus Scan Reports

We provide free reports on scanning user files for viruses. If you believe that your file ended up with us by mistake, please contact our support service to have it removed from public access.

2023-11-28 17:45:56 Clean 1e63b13cb087c7886f710dd9ab5c09d9f97009eca885a3cebb397d0be2a91fc8
2023-11-28 17:45:15 accb5f9fe7a669a5d7802324ea40e99829c1e03226a644c93e3078c6f29a56a7
2023-11-28 17:18:09 1e022d3886700317e5c41977de8fd595db5fbb3529164048ed09ee7efdb5711d
2023-11-28 17:08:19 Clean 4535cda0eff18e8f2ef2d6f70c87502a64cae53071b10c37b15644cd285332c2
2023-11-28 16:37:20 Clean 19f91ee8a2acf408d69be07e1c4a99992213e565b9c8bb6d5c52f59f79707da3
2023-11-28 16:11:55 Clean bea3703676ef49876b3878150e43132eafbfd0df353a46c45eb3f389707cb237
2023-11-28 16:02:03 Clean 34eb95f9e4e094f363953fa884d62bd90613e0974afe83d6d8b2c8870275fbb0
2023-11-28 15:38:38 Clean 546ce9308b8f0a30a3bca0b0bb301ded1379140364cea92bf87c784ea74222d2
2023-11-28 15:38:14 Risk.Win32.Downloader.dd!c a4c8b95638e736bfd4cabdf43121ebb65229c3754a2bb35ffe9a81a8091c2d16
2023-11-28 15:38:08 Clean 7bfbff520c81a4a8db1361c2729c39f9c530702ae90ecd16351e6d57a9178715
2023-11-28 15:37:10 Clean 310a990f32e9dbc8c81eaafe607f74ba572717d4781c9c8c9cbbb37a843fdbba
2023-11-28 15:22:33 Clean b2ac1e407ed3ecd7c7faa6de929a68fb51145662cf793c40b69eb59295bba6bc
2023-11-28 14:37:18 Clean 8ad07ede8bc80e2284dfc7cc5e9f162db6841d51f519d7249170cb79660b2148
2023-11-28 14:17:55 Clean c54f4b91505f4f0946831242dddf5f9e50a2dd866cf1fd5acca341a274422205
2023-11-28 13:54:33 Clean ab2e4a14332df67479dcf423a477a4f39dab6027ef87e42553639737a347155d
2023-11-28 13:47:52 Clean 40060eba7b397d2e092ad485b77d86ece6cecc4b655c16de67433dd348cda542
2023-11-28 13:02:49 Clean 3412b9b04f80cd38225c96ce4637e0bd7040875d0ca909b762928cf190e01777
2023-11-28 12:40:01 Suspicious 24a163eadb3bfcf9c45bb367c7d164bbe996c9339fa0ab6cfbc6420a41a72a08
2023-11-28 11:39:12 Trojan.Win64.Packed.ns 0be0498a7fa7a9b146053ea108735bdbf5909f994ad309299d068b13815a285b
2023-11-28 11:27:09 Clean 263513a428b23dcbee3d8aefcfa721010acca55024cabd9611b1ddf1c7b7b45c

Website Scan Reports

We provide domain scanning reports based on the technologies embedded in our antivirus products. If you believe you've encountered a false positive detection, you can report here.

2023-11-28 19:26:46 Clean
2023-11-28 18:54:27 Clean
2023-11-28 18:42:41 Scam Website
2023-11-28 18:23:48 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:22:33 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:21:55 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:21:04 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:20:02 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:19:00 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:18:17 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:16:54 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:16:04 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:14:58 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:14:33 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:12:28 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:10:23 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:08:12 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:07:57 Cryptocurrency Scam
2023-11-28 18:07:28 Suspicious Shop
2023-11-28 18:06:21 Suspicious Shop

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