Free Trojan Scanner

A free Trojan Scanner for Android smartphones

Trojan Scanner is a fast solution that uses our proprietary scanning technology with daily database updates to ensure the best level of virus detection on the Android smartphone. It does not slow down the system or drain the phone battery, as you only run it when needed. Just install and run it without any additional settings or configuration.

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Keep your device healthy!

This scanner also has some useful additional features - it will help easily find applications on the phone that are not used or have too low a rating, clear the memory of the smartphone, as well as download the program to check the PC directly on the USB drive.

We create programs that quickly allow you to detect outside interference in the computer. Gridinsoft Antimalware is a powerful and fast solution that uses in-the-cloud scanning technology to arm your PC with the very latest industry leading virus detection. Once installed on a PC, this program will test the system for malicious processes according to the set schedule. Sometimes you need a quality tool to quickly inspect the status of the system on any computer - then you will need our Trojan Killer, which can be launched directly from the USB drive.

Cure My PC
Step 1



Download Trojan Scanner from Google Play Store

On your phone, use the Play Sore app. Find a Trojan Scanner app. When you pick an app, tap Install. Trojan Scanner is a no-charge app and it does not contain any built-in purchases.

Here you can find the APK file if you need it.
Step 2



Connect a flash-drive to your phone. You may need a full-size USB female adapter for your phone or SD reader with card.

When you have connected a USB storage device, you can download a program to scan your computer.
Step 3



Now connect the USB drive to your computer to install the program and run the scan.

The program can be installed on the same USB media, after which you can run a scan on any computer immediately from the USB drive.

Why do you need Trojan Scanner?

We are evolving with the times and creating programs to implement fresh ideas on how to deal with dishonest advertising methods on the Internet.

Our goal is regularly updating our List of Threats, adding new information about software that harm the user's computer, threaten the security and safety of data, and, ultimately, waste the user's time.

Hundreds of our users are faced with the following problem: it is impossible to run our program because the Internet is blocked or downloading restricted by virus on your PC.

We had to find a solution, and we got it: you can download our tool to PC using your phone! All you need is to download Android Trojan Scanner to your phone and run it.

OPSWAT silver certified

We do what we know well

We have released Trojan Scanner as a tool for Android users who care about their privacy. We know how unpleasant it is to have a wasted smartphone regularly popping up with annoying ads. So, for many years, we have explored how unscrupulous programs appear and how to eliminate them.

OPSWAT, one of the most reputable organizations opposed to invading malicious software, awarded our product with a silver certificate.

We are proud of this result and will stay on our principles to allow each user to keep their privacy.

If you still have any questions or offers, send your letters to our support manager: