PUADlManager:Win32/OfferCore brings numerous unwanted programs to your PC

PUADlManager:Win32/OfferCore is a detection of Microsoft Defender related to bundled software, specifically to a piece of code that is used to create the bundle. OfferCore itself is not a specific program or application. Instead, it is an add-on used to package multiple software components into a single installer. Such components rarely include any useful applications… Continue reading PUADlManager:Win32/OfferCore


Win32/uTorrent installer often turns out to be the source of numerous problems, including installation of unwanted software.

PUABundler:Win32/uTorrent_BundleInstaller is a Microsoft Defender detection that is associated with the installer of the once popular uTorrent client. It is detected by antiviruses because it contains a fair amount of additional software that is unwanted (PUA). Such programs can pose a security threat to your system. Let’s find out what’s wrong with it. Why is… Continue reading PUABundler:Win32/uTorrent_BundleInstaller

RarBG Torrenting Site Is Shut Down, Admins Explain Why

RarBG shutdown is one of the signs of the lost competetion between software pirates and software vendors

RarBG, one of the most famous torrent tracker websites in the world, decided to voluntarily shut down. Launched in 2007, it faced numerous regulatory challenges and scandals throughout its history. All this ended on May 31, 2023, with a short explanation note from its admin. RarBG is Shut Down RarBG is a classic torrent tracker… Continue reading RarBG Torrenting Site Is Shut Down, Admins Explain Why

What is Torrenting? Is it illegal or Safe? How Does it Work

Torrenting is a file downloading technology that is considered questionable

A torrent is a tool for free data exchange on the Internet. However, it is considered a symbol of piracy and copyright infringement. The term “torrent” in online communities is mainly used to describe downloading and uploading a file (often a movie, a piece of music, or a book) using a peer-to-peer network. But exactly… Continue reading What is Torrenting? Is it illegal or Safe? How Does it Work