Cracked Games

Talk about pirated games and cracks
Talk about pirated games and cracks

Another one may crack everything that one human ever created. This sentence, in different alterations, is often used by computer pirates. Cracked games can be easily downloaded on the Internet. Of course, the main advantage of cracked apps is that they are completely free. This factor is a reason for cracked games’ popularity in 3rd world countries. But didn’t you think that computer pirates want to have money to live, too? To have this essential option, they profit in other illegal and possibly harmful ways. Let me explain which ways I am talking about and why using unlicensed games is bad.

Cracked Games Origins

Every not-freeware program has its own license checking mechanism. Such a check may be performed exclusively on the user’s PC and using a PC and a server where all data about licenses is stored. But the code responsible for this operation is stored inside the program’s root directory. Hence, a hacker is able to find this code and modify it in a specific way: he creates a specific “jump” on the license checking stage, so the operation will be simply skipped, and the program will think it is activated1.

The process of Game Hacking
The process of cracking games

Why are cracked programs dangerous?

After the described modification hacker can distribute his program for the wide pirate public. However, he will not have any profit in such a scenario. To solve this problem, hackers add several programs to the initial package. Which programs? Ones whose developers agreed to pay the pirate for this operation. And here goes the most interesting.

Many small developers distribute their programs as a part of the games bundle. It can be whatever – antiviruses (Segurazo, Santivirus, McAfee, Avast, et cetera), “fast and comfortable browsers”, different utilities with or without practical use, etc. Such apps are more annoying than harmful, but their usage may be dangerous because of wrong actions in tight places, like the registry or Group Policies.

McAfee installation
McAfee is going to install as a part of games bundle

But, besides free trash bag-like apps, computer pirates can add different malicious apps. And their type and severity depend only on the size of the reward promised to the hacker by malware developers. It may be something non-critical, like adware or browser hijacker. However, in most cases of malware injection through the cracked games, users get a full-house: trojan-stealer, trojan-backdoor, trojan-downloader, worm, virus, and, finally, ransomware. Because of modern trends through malware, you will get every malware mentioned earlier inside the single app. Bad perspective, isn’t it?

Breaking The Law With Cracked Games

Using cracked games is an outlaw action in all civilized countries. And if you use it on your home computer and do not create any commercial product with the pirated programs, you may keep calm – it is tough to detect that you use exactly unlicensed games. However, the executive authorities can check big companies and any other commercial organization. And in case cracked games usage is confirmed, the corporation will receive a large fine. The size of this fine is usually much bigger than the license cost for all games that has been used in its cracked version. So, think well before using cracked Spiderman Remastered or Call Of Duty.

Cracked Games: Judge finishes the lawsuit
Making use of cracked games may led to extremely large fines

Download games without any risks

There are various ways to download games without exposing yourself to any risk. Here are some tips on how to practice safe gaming:

  • Download games from official stores only.
  • Avoid buying games from bizarre locations like forums or random pages.
  • Learn how to protect your accounts on Twitch, Discord, Origin,, and Steam. Many of them offer two-factor authentication, allowing you to protect your device from unauthorized access even further.
  • Check the security features on the platforms you use.
  • Always try to download the platform’s official app.
  • Use an antivirus for PC when going online and downloading anything.
  • Use a reputable antivirus program on all your devices and never disable it.

If you’ve used cracked games in the past, it’s imperative to check your computer for viruses. One effective way to do this is by using a reliable security tool like Gridinsoft Anti-Malware. This software specializes in identifying and removing malware that might have sneaked in through unsecured downloads. By conducting a thorough scan, you can ensure that your system is clean and secure. Remember, proactive measures are key to maintaining the health of your computer and the safety of your personal information. Always prioritize security in your digital activities to avoid potential hazards.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware main screen

Download and install Anti-Malware by clicking the button below. After the installation, run a Full scan: this will check all the volumes present in the system, including hidden folders and system files. Scanning will take around 15 minutes.

After the scan, you will see the list of detected malicious and unwanted elements. It is possible to adjust the actions that the antimalware program does to each element: click "Advanced mode" and see the options in the drop-down menus. You can also see extended information about each detection - malware type, effects and potential source of infection.

Scan results screen

Click "Clean Now" to start the removal process. Important: removal process may take several minutes when there are a lot of detections. Do not interrupt this process, and you will get your system as clean as new.

Removal finished

As you can see, cracked game usage carries many disadvantages that can cost you much more than the license for this program. Yes, in some cases, cracked game usage can be forced – for example, if you want to test the program before purchasing, being not sure if it can satisfy your needs. But even in such a situation – pirating with good intentions – you can become a victim of malware attacks.

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