Dogecoin scam: send credentials and pay $300

Dogecoin scam: send credentials and pay $300
Dogecoin scam

Dogecoin scam is just a part of the online fraud which is spreading massively these days. It may have an impact on your wallet, as well as on your private information. Sometimes, the page where the Dogecoin scam takes place may be opened with the help of a virus. This post will uncover all details of that online fraud, and also explain how to detect that such claims are fake.

Dogecoin scam details explanation

You can see the advertising campaign of that fraud in different places around the Web. Banners on the websites, spam messages in Facebook, Twitter or messengers are among the most popular methods. Some portion of users who were involved in this scam say that they began spectating this banner after the adware attack. The last fact is already a reason to say that the DOGE giveaway is a fraud. But things are getting even more interesting when we are going to the promoted website ( On this page, you will see the following text:

Elon Musk believes that blockchain and Doge will make the world more fair. To speed up the process of cryptocurrency mass adoption, We decided to run 100 000 000 DOGE giveaway.

To participate you just need to send from 5 000 DOGE to 10 000 000 DOGE to the contribution address and we will immediately send you back 10 000 DOGE to 20 000 000 DOGE (x2 back) to the address you sent it from.

For example:

If you send 5 000 DOGE, you will be get 10 000 DOGE back.
If you send 10 000 DOGE, you will be get 20 000 DOGE back.
If you send 100 000 DOGE, you will be get 200 000 DOGE back.
If you send 1 000 000 DOGE, you will be get 2 000 000 DOGE back.
If you send 5 000 000 DOGE, you will be get 10 000 000 DOGE back.
If you send 10 000 000 DOGE, you will be get 20 000 000 DOGE back.

Contribution Special BONUS:

10 000 DOGE + = 1 000 DOGE BONUS
25 000 DOGE + = 2 500 DOGE BONUS
50 000 DOGE + = 5 000 DOGE BONUS
100 000 DOGE + = 10 000 DOGE BONUS
1 000 000 DOGE + = 100 000 DOGE BONUS
10 000 000 DOGE + = 1 000 000 DOGE BONUS
You can send DOGE to the following address:


Copy Address to Clipboard
Waiting for payment

7 999 874 / 100 000 000

Last chance
to get your DOGE!

As you can see, fraudsters use Elon Musk’s name to headline the scam, and make it more recognizable. Mr. Musk really posted a lot about Dogecoin, exactly, he was one of the main DOGE newsmakers at the edge of February. But the ex-CEO of Tesla never performed any giveaways. Nonetheless, a lot of users ignore the fact that Musk will likely share the information about this event in his Twitter, and take part in this “giveaway”.

Elon Musk and Dogecoin
Elon Musk is likely very interested in Dogecoin

Main dangers of this online scam

This fraud has two targets. One is quite obvious – money, but the second – personal information – is not very clear for all users. Money loss may vary in a very big range, since the max amount of DOGE you can use in this giveaway is limited at 20 million coins. Minimal amount – 5000 coins – costs about $280-$290, so the range of possible participants is extremely wide.

Such a scheme may be crushed by a single user who has a minimal amount of DOGE. Send 5000 – get 10000, send 10000 – get 20000, and so on, until you will not get all the coins they are offering (100M). It is quite easy to make a conclusion that organizers are fraudsters or idiots.

The hazard of personal information loss is less obvious, since we are used to type the name, email, phone number, and other data about ourselves on different websites. The difference is that on legit sites this info is needed to fill a delivery document or to create an account, while does not specify why the personal info is needed. They just say that it is one of the conditions of taking part in the giveaway. But, in fact, they do not send you back any crypto coins, and receive a nice pack of information + almost $300 in the DOGE equivalent.

Dogecoin scam page opening may be caused by adware activity. I have mentioned about it several paragraphs before. This virus is very widespread through the last 2 months, and there is a wide range of distributing methods of this malware. You can read more about it there. Fortunately, adware is very easy to remove – just make use of anti-malware software. But don’t underestimate the possible danger of this virus – it can easily turn into something much more serious, like trojan-miner or spyware.

By Stephanie Adlam

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