15 Reasons to Choose Gridinsoft Anti-malware


There are so many products on the security software market that no expert’s eyes run wide. It is not clear what to choose, and indeed, on what basis to choose. It is time we present 15 reasons to choose GridinSoft Anti-Malware. We will keep name dropping to a minimum and try to speak in plain language. In the preface, we will outline the main ideas to be revealed further. So, firstly, GridinSoft Anti-Malware is an efficient and lightweight software. It does not have several unclaimed features, but it is not expensive either. Secondly, it’s just a good program that copes well with its technical tasks. And thirdly, everything related to user experience is at its best here, from the interface to customer support. And now, let’s take a closer look at GridinSoft AntiMalware.

1. Working and Proven for Years Malware Removal Process

Before we move on to the technical qualities of the product under discussion, we should note an important fact. GridinSoft Company is 19 years old and has been specializing in computer security since its foundation in 2003. The threats have evolved a lot since that time, and the competition only intensified. Thus, GridinSoft carries the years of this operational experience under its belt. Anti-Malware is the flagship product of the three main ones created by the company. Trojan Scanner and Trojan Killer, the other two, have their own tasks. The former is an Android application, and the latter is a portable antivirus that can be run from a USB flash drive. Anti-Malware is a security system for Windows.

2. Presence of Gridinsoft Anti-malware License

By purchasing GridinSoft Anti-Malware, what you get is not only a key code for the program to work but also a license for the product. The arguments in favor of licensed software may seem trivial, but why not recall them here? You get customer support, guarantee, and complete confidence in the performance of the licensed program. In pirate software, the program code is usually modified, and also Trojans are often there. It leads to the loss of confidential information and unauthorized access to the user’s personal computer. In addition, pirated software is more likely to crash, have errors in some functions, and contain various vulnerabilities. And this applies to unlicensed rogue antivirus software as much as to other programs. We emphasize that the product is licensed because it is not a “heavy” antivirus system like Avast or Kaspersky. We are talking of a light program that stands in opposition to the industry’s giants ideologically. Unfortunately, many scammers work in the niche of lightweight antiviruses; that is another reason for valuing the license.

3. High Compatibility With Old Systems

Anti-Malware is a Windows program, but the range of Windows versions it is compatible with is impressive. The software supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10, and 11. As you can see, it is hard to find a computer with a Windows version that Anti-Malware would not support. If one wants to use Anti-Malware as an additional virus scanner alongside another security program (for example, to detect some elusive malware that might be absent in one database but present in the other), no problems will occur from the side of the GridinSoft product.

4. An Easy-Going Program

GridinSoft Anti-Malware is an easy-going program. It doesn’t bear a load of unnecessary (for many users) functions such as encryption, parental control, or VPN. We don’t mean that these functions are useless but having them all together in one package results in having a bulky resource-consuming colossus instead of a quick and lightweight security program. GridinSoft Anti-Malware can run effectively in malware infestation conditions when not a single virus is invading a system but several harmful programs that work simultaneously. As a result, the system runs with slowdowns and program crashes even without an antivirus system. Launching some juggernaut sanitizer in such circumstances is fraught with the machine’s complete hang. The disputed GridinSoft solution, on the contrary, can run on a machine with infestation consuming minimum RAM and CPU resources.

GSAM resources consumption
The blue frame shows the low level of resources consumption of the Anti-Malware running in the background.

5. A Lightweight Program, but Still Lots of Adjustments

Anti-Malware is a lightweight program with three main functions: On-Run Protection, (Deep) Scanning, and Internet Protection. Yet, the tool demonstrates high flexibility via a multitude of branched settings. What you most likely want – you will get it by default. However, you can adjust many internal parameters. You can alter scan settings, heuristic engine usage, toggling sending of reports, default procedure to be executed against the suspicious file, etc. Of course, you can specify the directory of the scan, create a scanning schedule, and variate other basic options.

6. Full Scan In Around 15 Minutes

If it happens that you are an owner of an old machine, for example, a laptop with Windows 7 on it and 2GB RAM, you will be satisfied with the low system requirements of Anti-Malware. The program will do the full system scan in about 15 minutes. The time taken will depend on the scan settings and the size of the drive you are scanning, but the point is that there will be no significant difference in speed between a full scan of a modern 8GB RAM computer and the same process on an obsolete machine.

GSAM Settings
The GridinSoft Anti-Malware settings.

7. Low Rate of False Positive Detections

False positive detection is a normal thing for antivirus software. Sometimes security programs are mistakenly triggered by legitimate programs or files. The latter end up in quarantine, and the work process understandably gets disrupted. GridinSoft Anti-Malware has the lowest level of false positive detections thanks to the well-gauged heuristic engine, which takes part in a scanning procedure alongside a detection database. A heuristic module’s bad design is usually a source of false positive detections in antiviruses. If Anti-Malware mistakenly quarantines something legit after all, be sure that customer support reacts to false-positive reports in the quickest manner, fixing the problem.

8. Spyware Example Attacks Protection

The term spyware signifies any spying software, from a browser hijacker that collects and transfers data on a user’s browsing to a dangerous keylogger hidden deep in the system kernel. Anti-Malware is a perfect remedy against spyware since GridinSoft keeps precise track of this type of malware. With databases updated on time, you can be sure spyware is not a threat to you. By the way, since spyware is often presented by programs that are not even considered malware, the so-called potentially unwanted applications that often have to do with the web browser, Anti-Malware has a feature of resetting the browser. As soon as you feel that something is wrong with your web browser, apply this function, and a browser hijacker, if that is what you’re dealing with, will be removed for good.

GSAM scan ready to go
GridinSoft Anti-Malware is ready to launch the scanning procedure.

9. A Method to Counter Any Form of Phishing on a Computer

Phishing attacks are deception-based schemes that aim to steal users’ sensitive data, like passwords or financial credentials. The special thing about phishing is that it doesn’t necessarily involve malware, sticking to social engineering primarily. Although Gridinsoft Anti-Malware cannot educate people or teach them safety rules, it can provide all technical measures to reduce the risk of the user falling victim to a phishing attack. Anti-Malware features the Internet Protection function that blocks access to dangerous websites and renders warnings if the client tries to access an untrustworthy site (not protected by SSL.) There are many ways to help you recognize and avoid phishing.

10. GridinSoft Wages War on Ransomware

Ransomware is malware that encrypts data files on the targeted device. The hackers then racketeer the injured side offering the decryption key for ransom. GridinSoft invests a lot in fighting ransomware, the modern-day cyberthreat #1 (especially, in the USA.) To effectively gain a foothold in systems it attacks, ransomware needs to be altered as often as possible. And hackers do constantly change ransomware code, either manually or using poly/metamorphing algorithms. Nowadays, there are many existing families of ransomware. The recent .bbbw ransomware, for example, falls into the STOP/Djvu family known for its ability to generate new variations. Such malware is naturally more problematic for security software to detect. No modern antivirus can brag about its capacity to recognize and neutralize the latest variations of ransomware. The latter would not be that rampant then. Nevertheless, it is crucial how complete the databases of antiviruses are with data on existing ransomware samples. In the case of GridinSoft Anti-Malware, you can be sure that database updates are frequent, with ransomware being an area of the company’s special attention.

GSAM Virus Detection
Anti-Malware successfully detects a bunch of test ransomware samples.

11. Frequent and Essential Updates

Anti-Malware is updated frequently. If you turn on your computer every day, you can see that it is not uncommon for a new update to be ready every morning. Such frequency of updates for a regular program should alert the user, but an antivirus needs just that. The program updates itself and virus databases. The crucial components of the product are Scan24 Engine – this is the name of the scanner program developed by GridinSoft, and GSNN, GridinSoft Neural Network – a tool that finds similar features in different malware samples, which the program later uses in threat detection. As for updating databases, this is a necessary process equal to keeping pace with the whole world in the fight against malware.

12. Professional and Sympathetic Customer Support

Almost two decades of operations gave GridinSoft a good school of customer support. If you experience any problem – you can fill out the ticket form accessible from both the program interface and GridinSoft website and get an exhaustive answer to your problem. The average waiting time is 20 minutes, depending on the time of the day. Even if you need to wait for the solution to your trouble, the customer support team will not keep you in ignorance. They will inform you about the progress of your query’s processing.
The support center provides assistance to clients on all issues related to the Anti-Malware program and other products by GridinSoft; it can also advise on software functionality anyone who chooses which program to purchase to secure their endpoint.

13. Cost-Effectiveness (The Golden Mean)

Throughout the company’s history, GridinSoft has consciously tried to fit its product into the niche of very effective lightweight security software. The absence of some additional features like VPN, parental control, data ciphering, keychain, BIOS protection, etc, which are present in “large” antiviruses, but cause their high price and high consumption of computer resources, makes the GridinSoft product noticeably cheaper. However, the functionality Anti-Malware provides makes the program a powerful tool that more than pays off. Thus, GridinSoft Anti-Malware takes the “golden mean” of price, being extremely economically beneficial.

14. Regular Offers, Coupons, Sales.

The company regularly holds all kinds of promotions and discounts using gift coupons. Promotions are timed to coincide with all kinds of holidays and memorable dates, such as April 4, the International Internet Day. Why not? Various discounts, coupons, and promotions are valid for those who buy a product for the first time, already use it, or are going to renew their license. Typically, the company offers various forms of product price reduction or an extension of the license.

15. 6-Days Free Trial

GridinSoft provides a 6-day free trial for interested users. The test keeps all the functionality of the purchased product. To try the 6-days test, you need to use a GridinSoft Anti-Malware free download link and install the program anyway. In the program interface, you will easily find an automatic form that will provide you with a trial license key. But be advised that six days of trial begin on the day the trial key is issued.


Hopefully, this article clears doubts about GridinSoft Anti-Malware. We tried to explain the virtues of this product by revealing its features and comparing it to the well-known “heavy” representatives of the security software family. If you have made up your mind to purchase an antivirus, but you were concerned about the prices and variety in functions of different available products, you know now about GridinSoft Anti-Malware, a cost-effective licensed solution. It provides all necessary services without nurturing ambitions to be an all-encompassing patron of a program, inevitably expensive and resource-devouring.

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