Medellin_a64.exe Trojan CobaltStrike Analysis

Trojan CobaltStrike
Updated on 2024-03-02 (4 months ago)
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DB Version:2024-03-02 00:00:14

Cobalt Strike is a paid penetration testing tool used by security professionals to deploy an agent called 'Beacon' on a target system. Beacon provides various functionalities to the operator, including command execution, keylogging, file transfer, SOCKS proxying, privilege escalation, mimikatz, port scanning, and lateral movement. Beacon operates in-memory and is file-less, loading itself into a process's memory after exploiting vulnerabilities or executing a shellcode loader, avoiding disk storage. It supports communication and staging over multiple protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, SMB named pipes, and both forward and reverse TCP connections, with the capability for daisy-chaining. Additionally, Cobalt Strike includes the Artifact Kit, a toolkit for creating shellcode loaders.

Checked2024-03-01 22:45:37
File Size19456 bytes Removal Removal

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Portable Executable Info

Image Base:0x00400000
Entry Point:0x004014c0
Compilation:1970-01-01 00:00:00
Checksum:0x0000969b (Actual: 0x0000969b)
OS Version:4.0
PEiD:PE32+ executable (GUI) x86-64 (stripped to external PDB), for MS Windows
Sign:The PE file does not contain a certificate table.
Imports: KERNEL32, msvcrt,
Exports: 0


Name Virtual Address Virtual Size Raw Size MD5 Entropy
.text 0x00001000 0x000020a8 0x00002200 3040ba596609d0f7ba50ac030468b13e 5.92
.data 0x00004000 0x000004f0 0x00000600 609326129f49cdc37213ae90bdfef8b0 5.82
.rdata 0x00005000 0x00000910 0x00000a00 b02c91451e7abad85f4a5bbe48fd6333 4.47
.pdata 0x00006000 0x000002b8 0x00000400 ad5ec754cf0e204a3a3c39436081f3bc 2.97
.xdata 0x00007000 0x00000238 0x00000400 6ce9e303fb86766d702ecb2b174cf348 2.63
.bss 0x00008000 0x000009d0 0x00000000 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e 0.00
.idata 0x00009000 0x000008d8 0x00000a00 ec8dedb62953693cf02784f71f75d547 3.71
.CRT 0x0000a000 0x00000068 0x00000200 52d79e9aecf5d5c3145d3ec54aa197a8 0.27
.tls 0x0000b000 0x00000010 0x00000200 bf619eac0cdf3f68d496ea9344137e8b 0.00

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