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We develop a range of security software to allow users to feel free with unknown processes in a computer systems

  • ☑ Gathering and sorting information on new and emergency threats
  • ☑ Exploring ways to detect third-party interference in the computer operating

16 years of experience

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Being Online is more responsive than you guess

4.5 billion people

now using internet worldwide

over 1.7 billion websites

on the world wide web today

1 in 13 web requests

lead to malware

every 39 seconds

there is a new attack somewhere on the network. This is almost 2250 times a day.

of remote code execution attacks are associated with cryptomining

of Americans don't know what steps to take in the event of a data breach

of attacks in 2019 had a financial gain as the primary motivation

of internet users have never checked to see if they were affected by a data breach



For the last 12 years, we have been researching online threats and developing programs that can eliminate them effectively. This is something we are well aware of: the threat to your privacy is the most dangerous one, so you need the most efficient tools to prevent it.

What we create?

We implement technologies to provide the best service to our customers.
Gridinsoft Scan24 Engine
Gridinsoft Scan24 Engine

We have created a universal tool for finding a wide range of threats, which gives a reliable and stable result aimed at associating objects with threat families. Our company has developed its own core with a consistent focus on monitoring and scanning. A group of analysts collects potential threats, classifying them and replenishing the base with new instances. At the same time, Gridinsoft Scan24 Engine updates the processing and analysis schemes. This makes it possible to react effectively and in time to the appearance of new vulnerabilities and block questionable processes in memory.

Antivirus Automated Research Lab
Antivirus Automated Research Lab

When we started our security projects in 2009, we aimed to build a strong and highly skilled team of analysts as a core division. For more than ten years, they have been developing tools and services that can help with daily network monitoring using new technologies and modern thinking. We highly value a large set of applications that can work synchronously and allow users to perform automated vulnerability scanning of their web, mobile and cloud applications from a single platform.

Gridinsoft Neural network
Neural network

Gridinsoft Antimalware Neural NETwork (our GANNet) consists of several modules (preprocessor, analyer and classifier) as is classically done in pattern recognition. The originality and main advantage of GANNet is that the network itself can be used modularly as an extractor and classifier with unlimited expansion possibilities. We make masterful use of our neural feature detector, which delivers compact predictive datum to the training module.

Gridinsoft Heuristic rules
Heuristic rules

Embedded algorithms that use a combination of statistical and analytical methods to process files and their parts. During the analysis, certain rules are applied with analytical techniques for scanning objects. The result is not guaranteed to be conclusive, but is nevertheless sufficient to mark the sample as suspect.

Gridinsoft Cloud Service
Cloud Service

One of the advantages of using cloud services for scanning is the ability to get rid of constant updates on the application side, maintaining an up-to-date database every second. This allows us to remain flexible when implementing new methods and manage hundreds of software applications more quickly.

Gridinsoft Internet Security
Gridinsoft Internet Security

This is a content filtering technology. A reliable solution for browsing the web and blocking inappropriate or dangerous content without interfering with access to trusted websites. Gridinsoft Internet Security provides intelligent protection for your daily online activities with the perfect balance of processing speed, detection quality and ease of use.

What we do?

We help non-savvy-tech Windows users get rid of malware
Gather information about new threats:

We target all types of malicious software from viruses, hijackers and miners to potentially unwanted software and adware. Our Analyst Team collects data from all possible sources, sorts and classifies rough objects updating our Threat List every hour. You can receive it in a moment by launching any of our specially developed software.

Develop software:

We develop software applications for cleaning the computer’s operating system from malicious objects. It is important for us that interaction and feedback are top priorities. Our goal is to create multiple products with different sets of features that the user really needs.

Provide technical assistance:

We understand that each user has specific needs and issues. That's why we have our own Support Team available to contact at any time. They are able to analyze current issues and help to solve them quickly and effectively in contact with Analyst and Developer Teams.

Keep our services and agents up-to-date:

We support numerous services to keep users up-to-date with current threats: from cloud services for managing our current tasks and creating a machine-learning neural network to update servers, which always store newest databases and programs' copies as well as articles with unique information about rising and spreading threats.

Our products is a straight way to cure malware on your PC as well as we did

The Internet is a nice place, we come to rely on it more and more in our daily life. But it also has enough dark corners where we risk exposing our data to cyber thieves.

We are focused on a massive of common privacy threats you most likely faced: malicious software. It's often spread through pop-ups or advertisements, including fake warnings or updates and specifically designed to infect your computer.

Let's start with the point where we can help you: clean your PC from malicious software.

The digital era increases the importance of both internal and external privacy protection. Trends like refusing the real money, appearing of complete ecosystems online with a common data storage and deep integration of your everyday life with online services able to track your activity make data flow hard to control. More fundamentally, the new world pushes online inhabitants into the aggressive world of internet marketers without giving us basic knowledge on keeping privacy rules.

Gridinsoft Anti-Malware
Gridinsoft Anti-Malware
Find virus


GridinSoft Anti-Malware aims to tackle a variety of threats on Windows PCs, including malware, adware, and potentially unsafe programs. Take care of your computer and protect your privacy! It’s a way to get rid of unwanted programs in a few clicks instead of searching for hidden processes for a long time and get help from security experts when you need it.

Gridinsoft Anti-Malware

Malware removal tool you’ve been looking for

Scan now for threat

Remove malicious software with ease.

Gridinsoft anti-malware tools

Our programs help to remove malware from computers.

Gridinsoft Anti-Malware

An average scan takes 7 minutes, brings to light 29 threats and terminates 4 malisious processes. Is it really effective?

Gridinsoft anti-malware tools

We are ready to propose you different methods of protection.

Gridinsoft Anti-Malware

We know the difference between adjuvant and harmful processes. So, it is a good idea to scan your computer for threats regularly.

Gridinsoft Anti-Malware

We create tools to let your PC ‘breeze freely’. Required, when you need to scan active processes. Skilled, if you reset browser settings. Efficient in case of annoying inappropriate advertising. Helpful as it has an optional built-in scheduled scan.

Confirmed quality

OPSWAT Silver Sertified Partner

Trojan Scanner [Android Edition]

Keep your phone healthy! You can launch Trojan Scanner [Android Edition] when your phone needs scanning.

Trojan Killer [Portable Edition]

Is an effective anti-malware tool for your memory stick. The ultimate anti-malware solution with useful features that leaves no chance for any cyber threats - and it’s portable now!

Trojan Killer [Portable Edition]

To have more: Trojan Killer [Portable Edition], USB-friendly, Reset browser setting.

Gridinsoft anti-malware tools

Remove malicious software with ease. They help in cases when well-known and complicated antivirus products get stuck.

What is our software for?

We create tools to let your PC 'breeze freely'

To scan Windows environment

We collect all the recent threats and monitor the most popular apps to identify the ones that might be dangerous. If a potentially unwanted process is recognized, our team of analysts examines it and determines how to eradicate it.

To scan Windows environment
To reset browser settings

Your browser may not display what you are looking for. Or displays the relevant content in a distorted form. What’s more, it might not be your browser! Browser hijacking is a form of unwanted software that changes search engine settings and the appearance of pages to display unwanted ads. We easily handle this by returning the settings to their original state!

To reset browser settings
To stop annoying Ads

Many malicious programs alter your Internet connection and change your browser settings. The function of restoring browser settings is one of the most frequently used functions in our anti-malware tools.

To stop annoying Ads
To schedule a regular scan

You can also schedule a scan with Gridinsoft Anti-Malware tools at any convenient time. The program will regularly scan your PC to help keep you safe. It is very convenient to do this when you are not using the device to get a convenient report when you return.

To schedule a regular scan

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Gridinsoft Anti-Malware

Will clean your PC.

It swipes the malicious software and suspicious processes out of your system.

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It does not matter whether you use a laptop or any PC — it works great everywhere. Now you can be aware of everything about the background processes, memory leaks, and annoying toolbars - there is somebody who can help right here.


Why is it so important to check the system for vulnerabilities regularly?

After the initial setup of Windows, each of us wants to keep the system secure and private. It’s hard enough when you’re online, but it’s too much to give up on the internet altogether as it’s become such an integral part of our lives.

Why is it so important to check the system for vulnerabilities regularly?

If you still have any questions or offers, send your letters to our support manager: [email protected]