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Updated on 2023-09-18 (5 months ago)
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The VNCHooks Is Safe File

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File Size87344 bytes

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Symantec Class 3 SHA256 Code Signing CAuvnc bvba (BE)
VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5Symantec Corporation (US)

File Version Information

FileDescriptionVNC hooks DLL for Win32
LegalCopyrightCopyright (C) 2016 UltraVNC, Copyright RealVNC Ltd.© 2002, AT&T Research Labs Cambridge© 1996-2001
ProductNameUltraVNC - VNCHooks
Translation0x0809 0x04b0

Portable Executable Info

Image Base:0x10000000
Entry Point:0x100025c9
Compilation:2016-10-26 21:10:18
Checksum:0x0001ed30 (Actual: 0x0001ed30)
OS Version:6.0
PDB Path:C:\Users\rudi\Desktop\UltraVNC_1212\winvnc\Release\vnchooks.pdb
PEiD:PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows
Imports: KERNEL32, USER32, GDI32, ADVAPI32,
Exports: 5


Name Virtual Address Virtual Size Raw Size MD5 Entropy
.text 0x00001000 0x0000b7c4 0x0000b800 9c4c735460a305539c9c4cb6a9191144 6.70
.rdata 0x0000d000 0x000054a2 0x00005600 1bebdc87d6cb42d4ceb248ce8c8ceb06 4.73
.data 0x00013000 0x00003020 0x00001200 5b9453507d8b4aa1509c03c47366da94 3.37
.rsrc 0x00017000 0x00000598 0x00000600 62f436ff03a977e0eb1190a2e1b13219 4.00
.reloc 0x00018000 0x00000fe0 0x00001000 05fc3ff9d0af36fcf3fe53277ab4163e 6.56

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