rsEngineSvc.exe Process: Reason Core Security Engine Service

rsEngineSvc.exe High CPU & Memory Usage
The presence of rsEngineSvc.exe is a sign of an unwanted program running in the system

RsEngineSvc.exe is an executable file associated with RAV Antivirus, a program developed by ReasonLabs. While being less dangerous than malware, it may be categorized as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). This kind of software is usually bundled with other free applications and installed without the user’s knowledge or distributed through deceptive advertising.

Is Rsenginesvc.exe Virus?

As I wrote above, rsEngineSvc.exe process is a part of RAV Antivirus (Reason Core Security Engine Service). It is a program from ReasonLabs and supposedly serves to protect against viruses and various threats. In fact, RAV Antivirus appears when the user clicks on a malicious link or installs a cracked program.

RAV Antivitus main interface

Normally, rsEngineSvc should not cause any significant troubles. Nonetheless, its appearance is barely a desired thing for the user. The behavior of this “antivirus” is also obtrusive, with pop-ups and startup scans that you cannot disable. This, combined with higher-than-usual resource consumption, should be a good reason to remove rsEngineSvc from your computer.

RsEngineSvc.exe High CPU and Disk Usage Explained

Typically for any antivirus, RAV, that contains the rsEngineSvc.exe will perform scanning operations. During this routine, it is natural for most antiviruses to use CPU power and create a sensible disk load. However, due to the lackluster development, rsEngineSvc.exe (Reason Core Security Engine Service) is much less efficient, which leads to excessive usage of system resources.

RAV Antivirus in Task Manager
rsEngineSvc.exe process in Task Manager

The problem is particularly sensible for the systems with hard disk drives. HDDs are typically slower, slow enough to be overloaded by a single program that uses one intensively. Such discomfort, combined with less than controllable behavior is yet another reason to remove rsEngineSvc.

It is important to emphasize that the load created by rsEngineSvc is not malicious, e.g. it does not mine cryptocurrencies or performs other illegal activities at your expense.

Can I delete or uninstall rsEngineSvc?

To remove rsEngineSvc.exe from your system, I’d recommend Gridinsoft Anti-Malware. Since RAV Antivirus commonly arrives bundled with other programs, it is expected that your system to be flooded by other PUAs. And to get your system clean from any unwanted programs, using proper anti-malware software is essential.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware main screen

Download and install Anti-Malware by clicking the button below. After the installation, run a Full scan: this will check all the volumes present in the system, including hidden folders and system files. Scanning will take around 15 minutes.

After the scan, you will see the list of detected malicious and unwanted elements. It is possible to adjust the actions that the antimalware program does to each element: click "Advanced mode" and see the options in the drop-down menus. You can also see extended information about each detection - malware type, effects and potential source of infection.

Scan results screen

Click "Clean Now" to start the removal process. Important: removal process may take several minutes when there are a lot of detections. Do not interrupt this process, and you will get your system as clean as new.

Removal finished

How do you prevent rsEngineSvc.exe or other PUPs from installing?

To prevent the installation of rsenginesvc.exe or other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), you need to be careful when downloading and installing freeware from the Internet. Additionally, exercise caution when visiting suspicious websites and opening malicious emails.
Here are some tips to help you protect your computer from PUPs:

  • Use a reliable antivirus software such as Gridinsoft Anti-Malware and update it regularly. This will help you detect and remove PUPs if they get on your system.
  • Be careful when visiting unknown or suspicious websites and do not click on pop-ups, banners, or links that may lead to PUP download.
  • Be careful when downloading and installing freeware from unreliable sources, and always choose custom or advanced installation mode to decline additional offers or PUPs. Some programs may install other programs along with themselves without your consent or knowledge, so it is important to read all terms and agreements before installing any software.

By Stephanie Adlam

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