Jellyfish Loader Malware Discovered, Threatens 2024 Olympics

Analyzing the new threat Jellyfish Loader, that shares parts of its code with malware samples used in cyberattacks during 2018 Olympic Games

A new threat has been discovered in the form of a Windows shortcut that is actually a .NET-based shellcode downloader called Jellyfish Loader. It has some strange features that may signify that it is still at the development stage. Nonetheless, this malware is capable of deploying other malicious software in a selection of ways. Jellyfish… Continue reading Jellyfish Loader Malware Discovered, Threatens 2024 Olympics

AsyncRAT Spreads As Fake eBook Files, Uses LNK Files

Researchers discovered a new spreading tactic of AsyncRAT malware

Recent research uncovers a new spreading campaign of AsyncRAT, that targets users who download electronic books. The reviewed campaign targets ones who seek for a specific book, originally available as a paid workbook on different platforms. Tricked into clicking on the downloaded file, people in fact trigger malware installation. AsyncRAT Spreads in Fake eBook Files… Continue reading AsyncRAT Spreads As Fake eBook Files, Uses LNK Files

Malware Protection

Malware Protection functions

Many people remain unaware of the substantial benefits of malware protection. While most have encountered the concept of computer threats, their understanding tends to be imprecise. In the past, the term “virus” frequently surfaced; now, “malware” has become the prevalent, albeit nebulous, term that casts a shadow of uncertainty over online threats. This vagueness partly… Continue reading Malware Protection

Polymorphic vs Metamorphic Virus

Difference Between Polymorphic and Metamorphic Viruses

Polymorphic and Metamorphic Malware: the Comparison In this article, we consider two types of pests: polymorphic and metamorphic viruses, which were designed to destroy the integrity of the operating system and harm the user. Before we find out what is the difference between polymorphic and metamorphic viruses, let’s figure out what is virus in general… Continue reading Polymorphic vs Metamorphic Virus

Stopabit Virus

If you see Stopabit in the Task Manager, your system is at risk

Stopabit is an unwanted application that has almost no useful functionality. Users can see its promotions as a useful tool for screen time control, but it in fact aims at exploiting the bandwith. This may lead to connectivity issues and illicit traffic being routed through the system. Such applications are commonly distributed through software bundling.… Continue reading Stopabit Virus

Weather Zero

Weather Zero is an unwanted program with a rather worrying capabilities

Weather Zero is a dropper-like unwanted program that disguises itself as a weather widget for Windows. It spreads as potentially unwanted software via bundling, and can deliver malware to the target system. Its innocent looks make a lot of people ignore it or believe it is completely harmless and thus have little to no haste… Continue reading Weather Zero


Bloom.exe is a process related to a malicious miner

Bloom.exe is a malicious miner that masquerades as a legitimate process. Its job is to use the victim’s device to mine cryptocurrency for con actors. The most visible sign of its presence, aside from the process in the Task Manager, is an enormously high CPU load that comes from it. This effectively renders your system… Continue reading Bloom.exe


Trojan:Win32/Casdet!rfn is a pretty nasty thing. I recommend removing it as soon as possible.

Trojan:Win32/Casdet!rfn is a detection that indicates the possible presence of malware on your system. Users may encounter this detection after using pirated software or opening suspicious email attachments. In certain cases, Casdet may be a false positive detection. Casdet is a severe threat mainly used for reconnaissance and delivering other payloads to the device. It… Continue reading Trojan:Win32/Casdet!rfn


Trojan:Win32/Tnega!MSR may bring other malware to your system

Trojan:Win32/Tnega!MSR is a malicious program that functions to deliver other malware. It uses numerous anti-detection tricks and is often distributed as mods and cheats for popular games. Such threats are capable of delivering spyware, ransomware and pretty much any other malware. Trojan:Win32/Tnega!MSR Overview Trojan:Win32/Tnega!MSR is a Microsoft Defender detection that refers to malware that acts… Continue reading Trojan:Win32/Tnega!MSR


Virus:Win32/Grenam.VA!MSR is a detection for a backdoor-like malicious program

Virus:Win32/Grenam.VA!MSR is a type of malware that can stealthily get into the system and establish remote connections. It allows attackers to access the system and remotely perform keylogging and information-gathering functions. This malware usually spreads through fake software downloads and on compromised websites. Viruses like Grenam can be disguised as legitimate software. The specific capabilities… Continue reading Virus:Win32/Grenam.VA!MSR