Csrss.exe Trojan Virus

Exhaustive information about CSRSS.exe

Csrss.exe is an important Windows process, which may sometimes consume a lot of system resources and puzzle the users with such behavior. Some people may mistake it for trojan virus and try to terminate it forcefully. So, is csrss.exe dangerous? And how to fix the issues it creates? Let’s find out. What is Csrss.exe? Csrss.exe… Continue reading Csrss.exe Trojan Virus

11 Signs If Your Computer Has A Virus

How to Check If Your Computer Has a Virus

Something seems off with your device, and you have a suspicion why: you might be infected with a computer virus. But don’t panic. Before taking any rushed actions, it’s important to understand what you’re dealing with. The world of computer viruses is vast and complex, much like the diverse flora and fauna of our planet.… Continue reading 11 Signs If Your Computer Has A Virus

HxTsr.exe – What is the HxTsr Process?

While the HxTsr.exe process is essential for Microsoft Outlook, it's crucial to exercise caution.

The HxTsr.exe process is a part of the Microsoft Outlook Communications component of the Windows 10/11 operating system. This process is responsible for synchronizing mail, contacts, and calendars between Outlook and other applications. Typically, it runs in the background and does not attract users’ attention at all. However, in some cases, the HxTsr.exe process may… Continue reading HxTsr.exe – What is the HxTsr Process?

rsEngineSvc.exe Process: Reason Core Security Engine Service

The presence of rsEngineSvc.exe is a sign of an unwanted program running in the system

RsEngineSvc.exe is an executable file associated with RAV Antivirus, a program developed by ReasonLabs. While being less dangerous than malware, it may be categorized as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). This kind of software is usually bundled with other free applications and installed without the user’s knowledge or distributed through deceptive advertising. Is Rsenginesvc.exe Virus? As… Continue reading rsEngineSvc.exe Process: Reason Core Security Engine Service

Antimalware Service Executable

Windows Defender is a decent antivirus solution that comes in a package with Windows 10 and Windows 11. There were many controversies about its efficiency and quality, which are still heard now. In this article, we’ll be dealing with one of the most rebuked traits of Windows Defender – its tremendous resource consumption. Namely, we… Continue reading Antimalware Service Executable

How to clean space on your Windows computer?

Nothing is more annoying than receiving a notification about your device’s storage being full. You delete some software, your favorite music, and some memorable pictures but, still, the storage seems to remain full. It is a hair-pulling moment. But, you can solve this problem on your Windows by following the easy steps given below. You… Continue reading How to clean space on your Windows computer?

How To Fix a Computer That Randomly Restarts

Modern computers have working stability much higher than the stability of the computers in the late ‘90s – early ‘00s. Nonetheless, nasty bugs sometimes make us frenzy, because they make the working process problematic. Besides the BSODs and malicious software, there is a thing that is much harder to understand – constant PC rebooting. Be… Continue reading How To Fix a Computer That Randomly Restarts