How To Hide IP Addresses

hide ip addresses

How To Hide IP Address in Few Steps

In this article, we will look at some of the most effective ways to hide your IP address. You may be wondering why you’re hiding this obscure IP address. Simple, this position allows your ISP or hacker to learn about your online activities, as well as to understand the location of your device. It turns out that some users prefer to hide their IP addresses from prying eyes. So, what is my IP location?

What Is An IP Address?

IP address is a protocol that identifies your device, on a particular network or a particular computer. Thus, using the Ip address your ISP or attacker has all the possibilities to find your location and also web activity. From this, it should be understood that the hidden IP address is not such a bad idea.

How To Hide IP Addresses
An Example of Usual IP Address

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How To Hide Your IP Address

The process of hiding your IP address can also be called masking. To undertake this process there are several ways through which it is best done:


It is considered to be the easiest way. Because a VPN (a virtual private network) allows you to replace the current IP address with a static one or makes it dynamic, which will change every time you connect. This way your ISP, and even more so the attacker will not be able to see the actual IP address, but only permanently changed. So, does VPN hide IP addresses?

How to get it:

  • Find the one you want.
  • Make an account.
  • Launch the app.
  • Enter your account.
  • Join a server.


This is a good and free way to hide your IP address. Tor is a web browser whose purpose is to block tracking. Unfortunately, popular browsers like Firefox, and Chrome do not cope with this. When using Tor, your cookies will be cleared as soon as you log out. And the best part is, it will triple encrypt all your information, making your security more secure.

How to get it:

  • Open the Tor Project’s website;
  • Set the browser.

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3.Proxy Servers

The proxy server has its advantages over the VPN. First, they are often available free of charge, and secondly, they also can cover a website or application for one-time use. When connecting to proxy servers, users can use encryption and hide their IP addresses.

How to get it: How to work proxy servers depends on the type of operating system you use.


  • 1.Tap on Preferences in the Safari app.
  • 2.Tap on Advanced.
  • 3.Tap on Change Settings.
  • 4.Renew your settings with the information that the Network Administrator provided. After that, you’ll get a new, protected window!


  • 1.In administrative templates, press Windows Components.
  • 2.Tap on Data Collection And Preview Builds.
  • 3.Set up Authenticated Proxy Usage.
  • 4.Install it to Enable.
  • 5.Tap on Apply.


  • 1.Tap Wi-Fi in Settings.
  • 2.Tap Network info.
  • 3.Click on the HTTP proxy section.
  • 4.Select the Manual option.
  • 5.Tap on Edit Proxy Settings.
  • 6.Insert Authentication.
  • 7.Go back to the Wi-Fi Selection page and save it.


  • 1.Tap Wi-Fi under Settings.
  • 2.Tap Network Name.
  • 3.Select Modify Network.
  • 4.Tap on Advanced.
  • 5.Tap on Manual.
  • 6.Impose in your Hostname and Proxy Port.
  • 7.Tap Save.
  • 4. Public Wi-Fi

    Technically, this method works, but it is less effective than the others. For this to work, you need to connect to a public Wi-Fi network and your private IP address will be changed to a shared network address.

    How to get it:

    • 1.Go to your computer or phone settings.
    • 2.Go to the Wi-Fi area.
    • 3.Connect with the public network.

    Why to Hide My IP Address?

    • Anti-tracking: if you encounter frequently targeted ads or do not want to be added to different lists after visiting websites, then the hidden IP address is just what you need. It will help you avoid tracking after visiting different sites.
    • Secure networks: If you think that if you don’t work in the office then you don’t have to worry about your safety, then you’re wrong. Attackers can catch you on any sites and public networks, which proves once again the need to hide your IP address. Your privacy is your concern.
    • Bypass government restrictions: This is another reason to use a hidden IP address. Because it allows you to access banned sites and apps without being noticed.
    • More privacy: anonymity in the work of journalists, activists, and other online activities will be an essential element in the work. Because of this, a hidden private IP address will be as helpful as ever.
    • Stream: With a hidden IP address, streaming content is more valid than without streaming content. Examples include Netflix, Hulu, and others.

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