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Grand Explorer Malware Removal Guide
Grand Explorer shows tons of unwanted ads, that often have malicious contents

Grand Explorer app, or, as it is displayed in the list of installed programs, Grand Explorer (, is a classic example of adware. This program does not even try to mimic a legit utility, and simply shows you dozens of ads without your permission. It not just creates a mess in your system, but also exposes you to malware risks. Grand Explorer malware removal should be your primary concern.

What is adware?

Adware is a short form of “advertising malware”, a term that says for itself. Its primary purpose is to flood your system with any possible advertisements. Considering that Grand Explorer comes as a desktop app, it is capable of spreading banners on all pages you open in any of your browser, and use system notifications for the same purpose. Additionally, a typical action of any adware is setting up a task in Task Scheduler to launch the browser. In it, malware will instantly open a page full of ads, or a paid banner of a certain service – most often a betting company or online casino.

Adware page
Typical pages opened by adware

As you can already see, it is quite an unpleasant thing to deal with. Grand Explorer has no difference with other adware examples, so you will experience all this nasty goo one by one. For powerful computers, it may not be a problem, while low-end computers may struggle to handle all this disaster. It is definitely suboptimal to have your workflow disrupted by such a miserable thing.

Is Grand Explorer dangerous?

There are a lot of controversial opinions on how dangerous the adware is. Some say it is just annoying, others rightly consider it quite dangerous because of the illicit banners it typically shows. My opinion is that adware uses you and your system to earn dirty money – and that is right enough to count it malicious. And when we remember that it can bring more troubles to your system, the grade of danger becomes even bigger.

Grand Explorer installation window
Installation window of Grand Explorer. It pops out on top of all applications you use at the moment

Thing is, people are mostly prone to be ignorant towards dangers latched in ads. Banners may look innocently, or annoying – when they are unwanted, but only those who post them know what will really happen once you click one.

Illegal advertisements are issued by the same crooks as ones who handle Grand Explorer. No legit and well-known brand will use such a promotion method – because it equalises them with cybercriminals. Thus, only malignant stuff waits for you in adware-related banners. Phishing and online scam pages are probably the most widespread type of fraud you may face. Another side of the problem is unwanted programs or even full-fledged malware that is offered as something legit and urgently needed. “Critical security update” or “security plugin needed to access the site” – such things may pop-up out of the blue, and it may be challenging for inexperienced users to find out whether it is legit or not.

Fake Windows Update
Typical phishign page shown by adware. Its appearance may change depending on the case.

How did I get adware?

There is one way that adware typically exploits for propagation – software cracks. They are spread on third-party websites or torrent-trackers, and are released by low- to no-name users. The key trick of cracking is to disable the licence check mechanism, so one can use the program without paying for it. To monetise their effort, such handymen often opt for software bundling – and here adware comes into view. Consciously or not, they add one to the package, and you are getting infected without expecting any issues.

Another possible way for Grand Explorer spreading is intrusive banners you may see in the network. They may be placed by the site owner who tries to maximise profits, as well as pop out as the result of other adware activity. This or another way, it lures you to click the banner or follow its instructions, which most often guide you to install a third-party thing. The latter may be literally anything – and Grand Explorer is quite a peaceful option. Others, meanwhile, are spyware, stealers and coin miner trojans.

How to remove Grand Explorer malware?

Grand Explorer is relatively easy to remove manually, thanks to its attempts to look like a legit program. It adds itself to the list of apps installed in the system, and may be seen as “Grand Explorer”. Click with the right mouse button and choose “Uninstall” – and that’s it. However, it may not be a sole threat running in your system. To be sure that everything unwanted and malicious is wiped out, use GridinSoft Anti-Malware. It will surely find and remove all pests you may ever encounter.

Grand Explorer Software – Remove Malware & Repair System

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