How To Stop McAfee Pop-ups

Sometimes antivirus software solutions display too many popups, and McAfee is no exception.

It’s a good tone to be concerned about safety on the Internet. It’s ok when you have antivirus software installed, and it sometimes sends you a threat alert. However, getting notifications from an application you don’t use or haven’t even installed is a reason to think twice. For example, you may have heard of McAfee,… Continue reading How To Stop McAfee Pop-ups


Detailed analysis of PUA:Win32/Presenoker and removal recommendations.

PUA:Win32/Presenoker is an adware designed to make money by showing intrusive advertisements and collecting data. This malware can take control of your web browser and send you to advertising pages. The majority of them will be questionable, without even a slight tint of relevance. It is often disguised as legitimate cracked software, driver finder, or… Continue reading PUA:Win32/Presenoker

Check-tl-ver Pop-Up Virus

Check-tl-ver pop-ups are annoying and dangerous, but it is relatively easy to stop them

Analysis shows a hike in the number of malicious pop-ups that come from Check-tl-ver… websites. It is a rather common strategy of aggressive marketing that aims to spam users after forcing them to allow sending notifications from the aforementioned websites. Let’s figure out what this scam is, and how to stop Check-tl-ver pop-ups. What are… Continue reading Check-tl-ver Pop-Up Virus

Advanced Window Manager

Another adware that masquerades as a Windows tweaker

Advanced Window Manager is a potentially unwanted software that floods the user’s system with advertisements. Its pretends to be a tool that adds new functionality to Windows, but in fact redirects search queries, tracks user’s Internet activity and shows advertisements. Typical ways of this program distribution are software bundling and malvertising. Advanced Window Manager Overview… Continue reading Advanced Window Manager

Scareware: How to Identify, Prevent and Remove It

Scareware is a widespread Internet fraud scheme that intimidates victims into buying unnecessary or harmful software taking advantage of their ignorance. Scareware usually exploits fears of having a computer virus on a machine and persuades users to purchase fake security software. Here we’ll regard how this spoof works and how not to get fooled by… Continue reading Scareware: How to Identify, Prevent and Remove It

Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft

Microsoft shows you the banner which states that your PC is infected with a “Pornographic virus”? It seems that someone wants to involve you in a popular online tech support scam, called “Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft”. But how can they do it with a single banner? That article will show you the whole mechanism… Continue reading Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft


PUA:Win32/Conduit can infect your web browsers, adding toolbars and changing the default page

PUA:Win32/Conduit is a potentially unwanted application that performs suspicious activity with the browser. It changes the homepage and search engine and installs extensions. It is distributed through hacked software or under the “recommended software” guise. PUA:Win32/Conduit Overview PUA:Win32/Conduit (also goes by PUAAdvertising:Win32/Conduit) is a potentially unwanted application belonging to Conduit Search. One of Conduit’s characteristic… Continue reading PUA:Win32/Conduit

SMApps Virus

SMApps is a pretty nasty thing. You should get rid of it as soon as possible.

SMApps is a malicious program that aims at spreading illegal promotions. It mainly attacks browsers by changing settings and redirecting search queries from Google to suspicious sites. Possible distribution methods are standard: malicious adverts and dodgy sites with hacked software. This malware uses different detection evasion, anti-analysis, and persistence tactics. Although primarily positioned as adware,… Continue reading SMApps Virus

Re Captha Version Pop-Ups Virus

Pop-up notifications in a web browser may distract users, and also are a major security hazard

Recent user complaints show a new wave of malicious Re Captha Version website pop-ups. Such websites aim to force users into allowing pop-up notifications, to further send dozens of pop-up advertisements. Let me explain how this all works and how to stop pop-ups from appearing.

ChatGPT Causes New Wave of Fleeceware

If you downloaded the Flashlight app and it asks for a paid subscription, it's fleeceware

Artificial intelligence is one of the most significant advances in technology. It is used in one way or another everywhere, from voice input recognition on your smartphone to autopilot systems in cars. But the latest development in the industry – the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has caused a stir even to the point that… Continue reading ChatGPT Causes New Wave of Fleeceware