11 Signs If Your Computer Has A Virus

How to Check If Your Computer Has a Virus

Something seems off with your device, and you have a suspicion why: you might be infected with a computer virus. But don’t panic. Before taking any rushed actions, it’s important to understand what you’re dealing with. The world of computer viruses is vast and complex, much like the diverse flora and fauna of our planet.… Continue reading 11 Signs If Your Computer Has A Virus

USB Shortcut Virus

USB Shortcut Virus is a malware that spreads through removable USB devices and turns files into shortcuts

USB Shortcut Virus, is a malicious program that messes up with files on the disks. It is a rather old type of threat, that targets to mischief the user, rather than get any profit. There could be several ways to solve the issue – manual as well as with the use of specialized software. What… Continue reading USB Shortcut Virus


Virus:Win32/Expiro is a backdoor-like malware that takes advantage of different programs

Virus:Win32/Expiro is a detection of Microsoft Defender that refers to a malware with backdoor capabilities. It allows attackers to control the compromised system, spy on it, install other malware, manipulate systems, and create botnets. This malware is distributed under the guise of legitimate software. Once the computer is infected, it can spread to other executable… Continue reading Virus:Win32/Expiro


Floxif.H is a malicious program that can act as a loader malware

Virus:Win32/Floxif.H is a detection of a malicious program, though not a virus as you may suppose by its name. Malware like Floxif aims at delivering and install additional malicious payloads onto compromised systems. This malware uses different tactics to evade detection, such as compression and file replacement, also employing anti-analysis tricks. It is spread through… Continue reading Virus:Win32/Floxif.H

Security Breach

Security breach is a case of unauthorised access to a protected area

A security breach is an unauthorized access to a device, network, program, or data. Security breaches result from the network or device security protocols being violated or circumvented. Let’s see the types of security breaches, the ways they happen, and methods to counteract security breaches. What is a Security Breach? First of all, let’s have… Continue reading Security Breach

Which Deadliest Virus in History? Types to Remember

What is the Deadliest Virus in History? On November 11, 1983, the first virus was written, which ushered in a new era of dangerous programs for computers. An American student at the University of Southern California, Fred Cohen, wrote a program that demonstrated the ability to infect a computer at a virus reproduction rate of… Continue reading Which Deadliest Virus in History? Types to Remember

Does My Phone Have a Virus? Phone Viruses Explained

Phone malware is different from its PC couterparts. Still, it carries the same, if not bigger danger.

Phone malware is obviously less widespread – and discussed – as a computer one. Nonetheless, its dangers and attack methods do not differ a lot. So, what is a phone virus? And how can you understand that you’ve got one? Let’s figure out. Are phone viruses real? Well yes and no at the same time.… Continue reading Does My Phone Have a Virus? Phone Viruses Explained

The Heuristic Virus & Analysis: Everything You Need To Know

This article targets individuals who have received a computer notification indicating the presence of a heuristic virus in their system. What exactly is this “heuristic virus”, and is it a threat? Let’s first examine the original definition of the term “heuristic” before delving into the nature of this virus. Heuristics is a scientific discipline that… Continue reading The Heuristic Virus & Analysis: Everything You Need To Know

Malware vs. Virus. Difference explained

The topic of this small post is malware vs. virus conceptual clarification. We remember times when people used to call any harmful program a “virus”. Today this “malware” term popped out! How do these words correlate? People seem to use them freely and arbitrarily. But is such usage correct? Let’s investigate. For those who are… Continue reading Malware vs. Virus. Difference explained