1Password Hacked Following the Okta Hack

Upon Okta support dept being compromised, 1Password reports about a related security issue

Recent security breach in the 2FA provider Okta appears to affect some of its clients. Among others, a password management service 1Password reported about the “suspicious activity” that is most likely related to the situation in Okta. What happened to Okta? At the end of October 2023, Okta released a notification on social media about… Continue reading 1Password Hacked Following the Okta Hack

Security Breach

Security breach is a case of unauthorised access to a protected area

A security breach is an unauthorized access to a device, network, program, or data. Security breaches result from the network or device security protocols being violated or circumvented. Let’s see the types of security breaches, the ways they happen, and methods to counteract security breaches. What is a Security Breach? First of all, let’s have… Continue reading Security Breach

F5 warns of critical BIG-IP RCE vulnerability

0-day vulnerability, Vulnerabilities, F5 Inc, Security breach, Exploit,

F5, Inc warned the users about the critical vulnerability that harms the iControl REST users. That solution is a framework offered by the F5 Corporation as an advanced tool for software developers. The detected flaw is noted as critical, since it makes the device takeover possible for non-authorised users. F5 warns its customers of a… Continue reading F5 warns of critical BIG-IP RCE vulnerability