1Password Hacked Following the Okta Hack

1Password Hacked After the Okta Hack
Upon Okta support dept being compromised, 1Password reports about a related security issue

Recent security breach in the 2FA provider Okta appears to affect some of its clients. Among others, a password management service 1Password reported about the “suspicious activity” that is most likely related to the situation in Okta.

What happened to Okta?

At the end of October 2023, Okta released a notification on social media about the security breach. The named reason is the lack of session token validation, which made it possible for hackers to access the computers of tech support employees. From this point, cybercriminals were able to access files sent by other customers; these files commonly contain cookies, their session tokens and the like.

Okta hack notice
Official note from Okta regarding the hack

This is not the first time when Okta gets into trouble with hackers. In March 2022, hackers from Lapsus cybercrime group managed to hack into the laptop of their tech support engineer. This affected a small portion of Okta customers – only ~2.5%, still a large enough number as the company is a major identity management provider. Such recurring hacks, especially within one specific division of the company, strikes its image pretty hard, to say the least.

1Password Hacked Through the Okta Hack

Despite how bad the Okta hack sounds, it is not that bad for 1Password. At the moment, the company reports about ceasing any operations related to the accounts of their employees that used Okta services. Further investigation showed that it is nothing to worry about – no accounts were compromised whatsoever.

On September 29, we detected suspicious activity on our Okta instance that we use to manage our employee-facing apps. We immediately terminated the activity, investigated, and found no compromise of user data or other sensitive systems, either employee-facing or user-facing. — the report upon the situation.

Although things appear to be fine on the 1Password side, it may not be over yet. New details of the hack appear each day, even though all the key events happened almost a month ago, on September 29.

Should you be worried?

In all this situation, the best part of it is that companies do not hesitate to notice exposed customers. Actually, no 1Password user data was touched, though it is different for Okta. They were – and continue – sending emails to users whose credentials are potentially in danger with recommendation upon further actions. Hence, keep track of emails from Okta, and this will be it for keeping up to date with the situation.

1Password Hacked Following the Okta Hack

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