Trojan:Win32/AcII is a novice sample of spyware/infostealer malware

Trojan:Win32/Acll is a stealer malware detected by Microsoft Defender. It targets sensitive information, login credentials, personal details, and financial data. It spreads through pirated software, malicious ads, or bundles. Trojan:Win32/Acll Overview Trojan:Win32/Acll is a stealer-type malicious software coded in Python. It is designed to extract and transmit sensitive information from devices. Such malware targets a… Continue reading Trojan:Win32/Acll

Remote Access Trojan (RAT)

Backdoors are a major threat to anyone. Remote access trojans are yet another tool to provide the backdoor access

Remote Access Trojan is software that allows unauthorized access to a victim’s computer or covert surveillance. Remote Access Trojan are often disguised as legitimate programs and give the attacker unhindered access. Their capabilities include tracking user behavior, copying files, and using bandwidth for criminal activity. What is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT)? A Remote Access… Continue reading Remote Access Trojan (RAT)

AzorUlt Stealer Is Back In Action, Uses Email Phishing

Once-forgotten malware is back in business

Cybersecurity experts have stumbled upon the eight-year-old Azorult malware. This malware steals information and collects sensitive data, and has been down since late 2021. But will the old dog keep up to new tricks? Azorult Malware Resurfaces After 2 Years A recent research in the cyber threat landscape has brought to light concerning news about… Continue reading AzorUlt Stealer Is Back In Action, Uses Email Phishing

Spyware in Fake Telegram Apps Infected Over 10 million Users

Downloading fake Telegram apps can result in the loss of sensitive data

It is important to exercise caution when using messenger mods. There have been reports of spyware disguised as modified versions of Telegram on the Google Play Store. This malware designed to extract sensitive information from compromised Android devices. Despite these risks, many users still blindly trust any app verified and published on Google Play. We… Continue reading Spyware in Fake Telegram Apps Infected Over 10 million Users

Chae$4 Malware Released, Targets Banking & Logistic Orgs

A new cyber threat is on the horizon. But how actually dangerous Chae$4 malware is?

Cybersecurity experts have discovered a new variant of Chaes malware called “Chae$4”. This malware targets the banking and logistics industries and significant content management platforms. New Chae$4 Malware Targets Banking and Logistic Industries. According to a report, researchers have discovered an advanced variant of Chaes malware that predominantly targets e-commerce customers in Latin America. Chae$4… Continue reading Chae$4 Malware Released, Targets Banking & Logistic Orgs

Decoy Dog Malware Uncovered: Next-Gen Spyware

Sometimes cyber criminals make non-obvious decisions in malware they use

A group of hackers, presumably state-sponsored, is actively developing and beginning to use a sophisticated Decoy Dog toolkit. It has likely been used for over a year in cyber intelligence operations. It utilizes the Domain Name System (DNS) to manage and control a narrowly focused and minimal number of active clients. What is Decoy Dog… Continue reading Decoy Dog Malware Uncovered: Next-Gen Spyware

Trojanized TeamViewer Installer Spreads njRAT

Hackers exploit third-party software sources to distribure a dangerous remote-access trojan

Threat actors reportedly started using fake TeamViewer to distribute malware. Their particular favourite for the final payload is the infamous njRAT trojan – an old-timer of the scene. Through the tricky spreading scheme, hackers run a multi-stage attack. njRAT Hides in Trojanized TeamViewer App For some reason, people show high levels of trust towards downloading… Continue reading Trojanized TeamViewer Installer Spreads njRAT

PlugX malware attacks European diplomats

European diplomats are being targeted by a new type of malware called PlugX.

Over the past few months, researchers have been monitoring the activity of a Chinese threat actor using PlugX malware to target foreign and domestic policy entities and embassies in Europe. This is a more significant trend among Chinese-based groups increasingly focusing on European entities, particularly their foreign policy. The countries most targeted in this campaign… Continue reading PlugX malware attacks European diplomats

Ducktail Infostealer Malware Targeting Facebook Business Accounts

If you use Facebook Business, you should be more cautious about Ducktail malware.

Researchers discovered Ducktail Malware, which targets individuals and organizations on the Facebook Business/Ads platform. The malware steals browser cookies and uses authenticated Facebook sessions to access the victim’s account. As a result, the scammers gain access to Facebook Business through the victim’s account, which has sufficient access to do so. It is a particularly interesting… Continue reading Ducktail Infostealer Malware Targeting Facebook Business Accounts

Infostealer Malware: Top Stealers in 2024

Aside from stealer majors, there are several novice names with a significant potential

Cybercrime world changes rapidly – both by expanding, collapsing, evolving extensively and intensively. One of the most massive malware types in the modern threat landscape – Infostealer Malware – appears to enter a new stage of development. Though its major names remain the same, some new malware families with promising features popped out. Let’s have… Continue reading Infostealer Malware: Top Stealers in 2024