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Spam Calls

Statistics show that an average of 1,900 spam calls are made every second. Given recent statistics about it, it is clear that it is another problem in the head of users. And many of them are not trying to get revenge for this spammer. So we will figure out where it came from, what spam revenge is, and the purpose of its spreading.

What Are Spam Calls?

A spam call is an unwanted call on behalf of a company or organization whose purpose is to a user’s confidential information, damage, and others. These calls are made by a programmed computer program or by trained people from a call center with pre-recorded answers to whatever the user says. Because it happens automatically, you can make an incredible number of such calls daily.

what is spam call
What Is Spam Calls?

At first glance, you might think these calls are harmless and do not carry any meaningful load, but they do. So the crooks profit from all of this, and in the past year, Americans have spent 30 billion dollars. But every day, fraudsters come up with more effective and sophisticated methods of influence and deception on the user. Therefore, the danger of their proliferation still exists.

The purpose of such spam is to deceive the user and obtain their confidential information or to involve you in a phishing attempt. How to stop spam texts: tips for dealing with fake text messages.

Tips: Spam Phone Number Revenge

This is probably the question of every user who has been the victim of a scam via spam calls. But, of course, there are already sufficient methods to avenge the fraudsters for their actions. In general, you need to use an application created for this purpose. That allows you to deceive the fraudster in response to his deception and cunning.

The process of exposing the fraudster is quite fascinating, as the apps provide a temporary credit card number that the user can give the fraudster when he tries to sell something to him. In this case, the fraudster enters its data for the company of the credit card issuer for processing. Of course, in the end, the transaction at the request of the fraudster is rejected, but you have information about who you will be able to sue.

Revenge is not the wisest choice in some situations, but it pleases the inner ego. How to legally avenge email spam, tips and tricks.

How to Get Back at Scam Caller

The actions taken by the legislation against scammers’ spam calls are not very effective. But do not despair; there are methods that you can take against fraudsters. Below we will show the possible ways to do this:


No matter what operating system your phone (Android or iOS) has or what settings it has, you can still take the following steps to block spam calls. So follow the following instructions, which will not take much of your time:


  1. Launch your Phone app and choose Recently.
  2. Look for the spam number aтв, then select the Info icon.
  3. At the bottom of the page, you will see Block this Caller and choose it.
  4. Verify your decision by selecting Block Caller.
  5. After that, the number will automatically be sent to voicemail.


  1. Launch your Phone app and choose Recents.
  2. Look for the spam number and choose it.
  3. Choose the Info icon on the lower right.
  4. On the bottom right, click the Block option.
  5. Verify your decision by selecting Block.
  6. After that, the number will automatically be sent to voicemail.


The phone settings provide a feature that allows you to block calls to your phone, but this is not effective against spam calls. Still, there are a lot of apps that aim to protect you from such annoying calls. Various services provide black-and-white lists for unnecessary calls. Because of these lists, unwanted numbers will be blocked and no longer disturb you.

The blocklist provides a list of blocked numbers marked as spam or already in the list of spam calls. It is common to consider a blacklist to be more effective than others, but it is possible to bypass them by using a different number that has not yet been identified as spam.

The whitelist provides a different usage. First, you create your list of unwanted phone numbers and those from which you would like to receive calls. So it turns out that the whitelist gives a 99% guarantee that you will not get some unwanted phone number or text message from the same unwanted number.

Spam Phone Calls Revenge


Spam calls are an annoying nuisance and a possible write-off of money from your account. If you have already understood, there are methods of preventing this. But it would be best if you were alert to any signs of a fraudster on the horizon. Also, do not forget to block calls of a strange and unclear nature, thus reducing the risk of similar calls in the future. Do not forget that you have rights that no one has the right to violate, interfere with, or try to steal your confidential information. Therefore, do not limit the fraudsters’ actions. Instead, download an additional application to your device and spare unwanted guests.

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