How To Know If Your Phone is Hacked?

hacked phone

If your phone stopped working correctly and started showing obvious performance errors, then something is wrong. If you notice that your smartphone has begun to turn itself off or on, and sometimes it is even too hot, then you should consider this. Having outgoing calls you didn’t make is a clear sign of the problem.

All the listed signs of failure in your smartphone indicate a technical failure or a potential hack. But there is good news; in this article, we will describe all the details about the possible pests on your device and present a list of ways to prevent the problem.

How to Tell If Your Phone Has a Virus

Symptoms: How to Tell If Your Phone Has a Virus?

Hackers can create a problem for you, no matter how you do it. This can happen through phishing attacks, visiting questionable websites, using untrustworthy apps, and more. In any case, hacker software can be distributed in several ways:

  • Keylogging: it’s a hacker’s surveillance of your actions through your keyboard taps, phone conversations, and so on.
  • Spyware: These types of malware are often disguised as necessary information. They extract data from your device and read your confidential data or your credit card details.
  • Cryptominers: This software is also a lover of hiding somewhere in the secret corner of the device. The purpose of this program is to use the device’s computing power for cryptocurrency mining. In general, mining is not prohibited by law, but if you carry out crypto-jacking devices without the owner’s knowledge, this is already illegal.

The Features of the Hacker Software on Your Device are as Follows:

  • Performance issues: The most common malware features on your smartphone include slow operation, slow loading of applications and programs, low battery performance, and other similar effects. All this evidence that the pest works in the background and does not give you the peace of use of your device.
  • Your phone feels like running hot: The presence of malware on your smartphone, in addition to the ones mentioned above, will load your device and strongly overheat it. When viruses appear on your phone, there will be obvious signs: suspicious application behavior and an increased amount of advertising.
  • Mystery apps or data: Having third-party applications and programs you have not previously downloaded is also a sign of malware.
  • Pop-ups or changes to your screen: The appearance of pop-ups and new bookmarks in your web browser is also the work of malware. Also, note the configuration change: if you have not contributed personally, then someone is doing it for you.

What to Do and How Do I Know If My Phone is Being Hacked?

  • Also, try to get rid of all the information on your device: photos, videos, contact lists, and more. It will be good to have a backup of all of this; then, when formatting your phone, you will not lose important information.
  • Be sure to check your cards and bills. And best of all, block them because the intruders could withdraw your financial information and make unauthorized purchases on your account. Finally, update your passwords to log in to accounts that the hacker may have accessed.

Free Trojan Scanner for Android smartphones is a great solution to ensure the best virus detection rate on your phone. Once installed on a PC, this program will scan your phone for malicious processes according to a set schedule. It is a free app with no in-app purchases, a powerful and fast cloud scanning solution that you can easily find on the Play Store.

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