There are lots of viruses appear every day and the best protection for you is a reliable and powerful antivirus software. But still, you need to be mindful online and learn some simple rules how to be secured all the time.

Lock your computer when you are not using it

If you walk away from your computer and do not lock it or log off, it poses a security risk to you and maybe your organization that’s if you work with a company. Someone can use your computer in an unauthorized way even if you are away for a few minutes. For example, send email from your account, tamper and delete confidential files & access and download Confidential data. The easiest way to prevent unauthorized access to your PC is to lock it when you are away and enter back your password when you are back.

Customize security settings

All operating systems, Windows, Mac, Linux all have multiple security settings you can customize to your taste, you just have to ensure they are appropriate, especially for your browsers and other necessities.

Check for security patches and software updates

As a user of Windows OS, you get notifications often to updates Windows, if you take your time to check this update you would notice they have security updates in every update that’s done. Make sure to accept these updates just to prevent attacks against viruses and security flaws.

Change your passwords

This is very important to take note of, you need to change your password regularly, changing once in a week isn’t bad idea especially when you have your financials linked to your PC, some of which might be your login into your Bank account online. Also make sure to use different passwords for all your accounts.

Protect against power surges and outages

You might need a surge protect to keep your charger safe for this as you can predict electricity misfiring.

Back up your data

Another important measure in keeping your files, you need to back up your files either by you getting an external hard drive or make use of Cloud storages, cloud storages might allow an auto backup which you just need to set days for backup to take place.

So as you can see all habits are very easy to implement, but believe me it will make a huge difference in your online protection.
Be mindful online!

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