Advertising-free Internet, how much better it would be! – No ads!

Advertising-free Internet, how much better it would be - No ads

In the early days of the Internet, web pages used to be filled only with content that the creator of the page wanted to share with its visitors. Pages would load relatively quickly based on your computer’s capabilities and that of the server that was hosting the pages. You were able to search topics based on keywords that matched the subject matter you were looking for.

For many years this continued to be the norm and even as the number of users grew exponentially and web pages were being added by the thousands each day, the Internet experience for users continued to be relatively enjoyable. As time went by and the popularity of the Internet exploded, something else started to emerge and it would virtually change the Internet for ever.

Up until then advertising was mostly found on television, print, and billboards and was used by companies large and small as a way to drive buyers to their products. As you can imagine, advertising agencies by the droves started to discover a seemingly untapped resource for driving up sales for their clients.

No Advertisment

Advertising hits the Internet and it will never be the same again.

Much like advertising on any other medium like television, magazines, and newspaper the ads on web pages have virtually taken over the entire landscape of the Internet. Unfortunately, it has gotten so bad that instead of having the web pages containing the useful content that you were searching for many of the pages now contain more than 50% of the visible space is covered by clickable ads that the owner of the page is hoping that you might click on.

One of the main drivers these days for all of the ads popping up on all the pages is the desire to make money from ads. This more than anything is what is responsible for the explosion of the advertising on the Internet.

No going back – No ads!

Unfortunately, no matter how much we scream at our computer screens because our web browser is so slow in fully loading web pages thanks to all of the annoying ads taking so long to fully load, this will never change. Once Pandora’s Box was open in the beginning and web page owners see the dollar signs from allowing the ads to be shown on their pages, it will not change.

No going back!

How much better the Internet would be!

To say that the Internet would be a much better place if ads never existed would definitely be an understatement. All of the annoying ads that seemingly fill every nook and cranny of a web page that doesn’t contain the actual web page content. On top of having to avoid all of the ads intertwined with the actual content on the page, Internet users are having to wait an excessive amount of time for pages to load due code that is embedded into the ads that hinder the pages from opening up faster. Given a choice, I would bet more people would rather things go back to the days before ads were first brought to the Internet.

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