Top Maine Lobster Scam on Facebook

Are Top Maine Lobster Ads Real?
Another Facebook scam scheme has risen and fooled users.

Another fraudulent scheme related to the sale of seafood has appeared on Facebook. Fraudsters promise lobster at an excellent price, but the result is little pleasant for the buyer.

What is the Top Maine Lobster Scam?

Top Maine Lobster scam is a new fraud scheme that targets seafood enthusiasts’ fondness, specifically Maine lobsters, as it comes from its name. They have been airing deceptive advertisements on Facebook, promising heavy bargains on frozen Maine lobsters and colossal Alaskan king crab legs. However, this is a trap, leading unsuspecting victims to a fraudulent online shop called Topmainelobster[.]com. According to the reaction on social media, numerous individuals have fallen victim to this scam. They share their stories on Facebook about placing orders and never receiving the promised products. main page screenshot Scam

In addition, the investigation has revealed that at least two Facebook pages are using the name “Top Maine lobster,” and both are scams. Both pages have NO posts, but they share the same profile picture. The transparency of these pages says the pages are very young, lacking the historical data and credibility expected from legitimate businesses. Thus, the scammers behind this operation attempt to deceive and confuse potential victims with multiple iterations of their fraudulent pages.

Top Maine lobster group
Top Maine lobster group

Methods of Propagation

Scammers have been actively running ads on Facebook, luring potential customers with what appear to be unbeatable deals on frozen sea products. They claim to sell Maine lobsters and Giant Alaskan king crab legs for a meager price. The fan page, “Top Maine Lobster,” mentioned above, is the centerpiece of this scam. If something seems too good to be true, it is.

Fake ad on Facebook
Fake ad on Facebook

The latest trend shows a massive flooding of Meta Inc. social media sites with fraudulent ads. Although this problem has been present for a very long time, and Meta Inc. claims that it is fighting this problem, we see the opposite result. For example, Instagram is overflowing with ads for sites that sell useful products at 30-70% discounts. In most cases, these are the lowest-quality copies from Aliexpress/Taobao/TEMU. However, there have also been cases when the victim received a box with garbage inside. The ability to advertise products on social networks was initially conceived as an opportunity for young, little-known artisans to promote their products. But now, it has become a noun that, by default, is associated with scams.

Why Is Top Maine Lobster a Scam?

According to ScamAdviser, an anti-scam website, Topmainelobster[.]com has a Trustscore rating of just 1 out of 100. Such a miserable rating is a clear indicator of the website’s fraudulent nature. It signifies a lack of trustworthiness, suggesting that customers should steer clear of this online platform to avoid becoming victims of this lobster scam. Further examination reveals that the website was registered on October 25, 2023.

Scamadviser rating
Scamadviser rating

This newfound status raises suspicions, as legitimate and trustworthy online businesses tend to have a more extended history and established online presence. The age of this website aligns with the behavior of many fraudulent online platforms. These one-day sites often appear suddenly and vanish just as swiftly, leaving customers without their purchases or refunds.

How to avoid shopping scams?

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case of such a scam but rather a trend. The only thing that distinguishes this fraud from others is its scale. We recommend that you thoroughly research a website before you buy anything from it. You can do your research, read independent reviews, and check the rating of the site using special services. You can also use our link scanner. This will allow you to find out some information about the site that will help you decide whether you should buy from it or not. As for Topmainelobster[.]com, this is not the first such scam, and it won’t be the last. However, knowing the signs of a scam will help you recognize it. Forewarned is forearmed.

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