Top Amazon Scams to Avoid

Through Amazon Scams, fraudsters can steal your credit card number, money, and other personal information.

Because of its reliability, Amazon is a popular choice for both buyers and sellers. But fraudsters frequently turn to the eCommerce market to scam others. In addition, false threats expose new vulnerabilities daily. Consequently, taking measures to safeguard your business is crucial. This is because many scams target businesses every day. This is why we… Continue reading Top Amazon Scams to Avoid

eBay Scams

Fraud by sellers is any attempt to misrepresent the products they sell.

Among the vast amount of online shopping platforms, eBay stands off as a trusted and well-known one. Such a massive popularity obviously attracts fraudulent activities, causing eBay scams to appear. This article will explain how the most common scams on eBay work, review the red flags to look out for, and discuss what to do… Continue reading eBay Scams

TikTok Shopping Scams On The Rise: Tips to Avoid

As TikTok gains popularity as a shopping platform, scammers start exploiting it

As TikTok evolves into a digital marketplace, its shopping feature presents a new terrain ripe with opportunities. However, this shift includes certain risks, particularly for the youthful demographic, who are Tiktok’s target audience and are not always well-informed about fraud on trading platforms. Let’s find out what shopping scams in TikTok and what you need… Continue reading TikTok Shopping Scams On The Rise: Tips to Avoid

What Should You Do When You Get Scammed?

Every dark cloud has a silver lining

As online scams become not only more widespread, but also more sophisticated, it appears to be rather easy to become a victim of one. But what should you do in such a case? Is it possible to get your money back? Let me show you every step you should do. You Got Scammed – Where… Continue reading What Should You Do When You Get Scammed?

Top Maine Lobster Scam on Facebook

Another Facebook scam scheme has risen and fooled users.

Another fraudulent scheme related to the sale of seafood has appeared on Facebook. Fraudsters promise lobster at an excellent price, but the result is little pleasant for the buyer. What is the Top Maine Lobster Scam? Top Maine Lobster scam is a new fraud scheme that targets seafood enthusiasts’ fondness, specifically Maine lobsters, as it… Continue reading Top Maine Lobster Scam on Facebook

Halloween Shopping Scams — Ways to Detect & Avoid

Frauds are happy to use any holiday to scam people, and Halloween is not an exclusion

2023 Halloween, similarly to other holidays and events of this year, will likely become a topic of a huge number of shopping scams. Con actors create websites that offer purchasing various thematic goods at low prices, while in fact they simply take your money and vanish. What are online shopping scams? Online shopping scams are… Continue reading Halloween Shopping Scams — Ways to Detect & Avoid

Wilko Stock Liquidation Scams – Fake Shopping Sites

Fraudsters use the topic of stock liquidation as a basis for numerous shopping scams

Recent events around the Wilko retail chain are sad for its customers, but may also expose folks to financial dangers. Scammers use the news about shops and stock liquidation due to financial issues as a basis for a huge amount of shopping scams. Let’s find out how they work, what are their dangers, and how… Continue reading Wilko Stock Liquidation Scams – Fake Shopping Sites

Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping Scams

Cybercriminals use the sell-off of a bankrupted retailer to scam people

In late April, 2023, American home goods retailer Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. This event was expected, due to the company’s poor performance over the last quarter before the bankruptcy. Though, not only short sellers decided to make profit on this: online scammers decided to fool people, appealing to… Continue reading Bed Bath & Beyond Shopping Scams

How Not to Stumble on Scam Websites

Scam websites are enormously widespread beause of its profitability

Every year, one in ten Americans will be victimized by a scam or fraud. The variety of online fraud has increased with the number of websites and technological advancements. It is vital to know how to distinguish between genuine and scam sites . Let’s have a look at typical scams, their signs, and ways to… Continue reading How Not to Stumble on Scam Websites

Black Friday Scams: Ways to Detect & Avoid Shopping Frauds

On Black Friday, shoppers must be wary as scammers prepare to capitalize on the shopping frenzy.

As the main shopping event of the year approaches, Black Friday shopping scams have into view. Con actors from all over the world try to create the most convincing fraud, trying to make a fortune. Let’s see the most common Black Friday scams, and the way to avoid them. How Do Scams Work? Fraudsters use… Continue reading Black Friday Scams: Ways to Detect & Avoid Shopping Frauds