Medusa Groups Claims That It “Merged” the Source Code of Bing and Cortana into the Network

Medusa, Bing and Cortana

Medusa extortionist group claims to have published internal materials stolen from Microsoft, including the source codes of Bing, Bing Maps and Cortana.

Microsoft representatives have not yet commented on the hackers’ statements, but IT specialists say that the leak contains digital signatures of the company’s products, many of which are relevant.

Brett Callow
Brett Callow
This leak represents more interest for programmers, as it contains source codes for Bing, Bing Maps and Cortana products. In the leak there are digital signatures of Microsoft products, many of which have not been recalled. Dare, and your software will have the same level of trust as original Microsoft products.writes, in particular, Emsisoft analyst Brett Callow.

According to the researcher, the hackers published about 12 GB of data, and this leak is probably related to last year’s attacks by the Lapsus$ group, which stole and made publicly available 37 GB of documents and sources of Microsoft products.

Also, we wrote that T-Mobile Admits that Lapsus$ Hack Group Stole Its Source Codes. Later, the authorities of Britain and Brazil reported the arrest of some members of the group.

Then Microsoft confirmed that Lapsus$ hacked its systems, but claimed that the leak did not affect «neither the client code nor any data».

At the moment it is not clear whether these data are what they are claimed to be. It is also unclear whether there is any connection between >Medusa and Lapsus$, but, looking back, it can be said that some aspects of their modus operandi really resemble Lapsus$.Kellow told journalists of The Register.

That is, it is impossible to exclude the possibility that Medusa distributes materials that were stolen and «merged» in the network earlier.

Medusa (not to be confused with MedusaLocker) is a fairly “young” extortion group that announced itself at the beginning of this year by attacking state schools in Minneapolis. Then the criminals stole about 100 GB of data and demanded a ransom of 1 million US dollars from the school district, and instead of receiving the requested amount, they published confidential information online.

Medusa, Bing and Cortana

And before that, the hackers published a video that clearly demonstrates how they get access to the files of employees and students.

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