Russian Cybercriminals Seek Access to OpenAI ChatGPT

access to OpenAI ChatGPT

Check Point analysts have noticed that Russian-speaking hacker forums are actively discussing access to bypass geo-blocking, due to which the OpenAI ChatGPT language model is not available in Russia.

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It was also reported that UN calls for a moratorium on the use of AI that threatens human rights.

Let me remind you that the topic of creating malware using ChatGPT is already being closely studied by the information security community, and experiments conducted by specialists show that such a use of the tool is really possible.

For example, a recent report by CyberArk details how to create polymorphic malware using ChatGPT, and the researchers plan to soon publish part of their work “for educational purposes.”

access to OpenAI ChatGPT
Scheme interactions between ChatGPT and malware

In fact, CyberArk managed to bypass ChatGPT content filters and demonstrated how “with very little effort and investment on the part of an attacker, you can continuously query ChatGPT, each time receiving a unique, functional and verified piece of code.”

access to OpenAI ChatGPT
Basic DLL injection in explorer.exe where the code is not fully completed yet

This results in polymorphic malware that does not exhibit malicious behavior when stored on disk, as it receives code from ChatGPT and then executes it without leaving a trace in memory. In addition, we always have the opportunity to ask ChatGPT to change the code.said the experts.

In turn, Check Point researchers warn of the rapidly growing interest of hackers in ChatGPT, as it can help them scale malicious activity. This time, it turned out that Russian-speaking attackers are trying to bypass restrictions on access to the OpenAI API. Hack forums are already sharing tips on how to bypass IP blocking, solve the problem with bank cards and phone numbers, that is, everything that is needed to gain access to ChatGPT.

We believe that these hackers are most likely trying to implement and test ChatGPT in their daily criminal operations. Attackers are becoming more and more interested in ChatGPT because the artificial intelligence technology behind it can make a hacker more cost effective.specialists write.

To prove their words, the researchers provide several screenshots. On one of them, the criminal wants to get access to the OpenAI API and asks his “colleagues” for advice on how best to use a stolen bank card to verify an OpenAI account.

access to OpenAI ChatGPT

Other screenshots discuss geo-blocking bypass, as ChatGPT is not currently available in Russia, China, Afghanistan, Belarus, Venezuela, Iran, and Ukraine.

Artificial intelligence company OpenAI has restricted access to its products for Ukrainians so as not to violate global sanctions due to the annexation of ORDLO and Crimea in 2014.

This is stated in the text of Forbes with reference to a letter that the company sent to the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Alex Bornyakov
Alex Bornyakov
Because of the sanctions, they have to block ORDLO/Crimea. They do not know how to distinguish them from clients from the rest of Ukraine. If there was a cheap classifier, we would have revised the policy.said Oleksandr Bornyakov, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

access to OpenAI ChatGPT

The report also notes that many semi-legal online SMS services have already compiled guides on how to use them to register with ChatGPT.

access to OpenAI ChatGPT
access to OpenAI ChatGPT

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