Goose Goose Duck Game Servers Are DDoS-Attacked Every Day

Goose Goose Duck

The free social detective Goose Goose Duck, which recently broke the Among Us record for the number of users simultaneously in the game, is constantly under DDoS attacks.

The developers said they have already engaged third-party cybersecurity specialists to help them deal with this problem.

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Although Goose Goose Duck, created by Gaggle Studios, was released back in October 2021, during a long time users hardly noticed it. Only at the end of 2022, the game suddenly became a real hit, repeating and surpassing the success of Among Us, of which it is, in fact, a free clone.

So, according to SteamDB, the peak online among Among Us in 2020 was 447,476 players, but Goose Goose Duck in early January 2023 set a record of 702,845 users simultaneously in the game, which makes it one of the most popular games on Steam.

However, the developers of the game write that over the past two months, Goose Goose Duck servers have been constantly subjected to DDoS attacks, and this has become a big problem. Because of the attacks, failures and shutdowns of gaming services began to occur regularly.

On December 14, we [for the first time] publicly announced that we had been subjected to a DDoS attack. The attacks took place before and after that day. We’ve been under attack for two months now, but we didn’t want to mention it so as not to disturb the players. We thought that perhaps the attackers would stop if we just continued to provide good service to the players. But they didn’t stop. Who is attacking us? We have a number of theories, but it would be irresponsible to talk about them publicly. Any sustained attack on a target is expensive, so attackers have a lot of resources at their disposal. There is also a high probability that these are several different groups of attackers at once.the developers say.

The creators of Goose Goose Duck say that in the end they were forced to hire third-party information security specialists, who now have to help the company to cope with constant attacks and stabilize the operation of game servers.

Who exactly was involved in solving this problem, and what measures were offered to developers by hired cyber specialists, is not yet reported, since the company “does not want to disclose the strategy” and provide additional information to DDoSers.

By Vladimir Krasnogolovy

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