10 tips to secure a laptop on vacation

10 tips to secure a laptop on vacation
laptop on vacation

Summer comes and the bells ring for the vacations. If you have a partner or not there is one constant companion which will follow you on your vacation in any case and that good pal is your laptop.

While taking your device you have to ensure the security of your laptop because they themselves are important but the files they contain, well mostly your life depend upon them.

Moreover, you will not want to ruin your vacations worrying about your lost or impaired laptop. There are several steps which anybody who is planning a vacation can follow for the security and functioning of a laptop:

#1: Proper Casing

While traveling you have to have a well-padded laptop case; the case which is impossible to slip during all the rush in carrying the baggage and if your laptop slips it should provide enough protection to it.

Proper Casing

#2: Don’t check as baggage

And never ever check your laptop as a baggage even if it is new or you are taking it as gifts, always carry it yourself.

Don’t check as baggage

#3 Update the Security Applications

You have to make sure that all the security applications installed on your computer are updated because during travel you will need access internet through different places and you would not want to compromise the security of your computer.

Update the Security Applications

#4 Limit Confidential Information

Before leaving for a vacation it is advised that you limit the confidential information that is linked to your laptop including the credit card details or purchases, the reservations you are making through your laptop or any other such thing that requires a social security number or a thing that can go on malicious hands; the reason being the unfamiliar network connections, which are always harmful and may potentially expose your personal information.

Limit Confidential Information


#5 Get your data on the Cloud

Delete all the sensitive data from the computer, it is better if you upload it on a cloud; this can save your data in case your laptop is stolen or misplaced.

#6 Have a backup account

For further security, you should have an account which can be accessed from any browser which can be used in any unfortunate situation it can be a normal Gmail account or Yahoo account or any other account which you use normally.

Have a backup account

#7 Keep Ethernet Cable

It is advised that you carry along an Ethernet cable because you don’t know in which kind of place you’ll have to stay. All the conditions will not be according to your comfortability so you should be prepared for the worst. This cable can help you access the internet in hotels where there is no wi-fi and will connect your computer to the device that is present on the phone in every room.

Keep Ethernet Cable

#8 Prevent Potential Theft

You can prevent your laptop from getting misplaced or getting in hand or a thief by preventing it from passing the X-ray belt unless you are present there and it is your turn for the getting through the metal detector. This way your laptop will be in front of your eyes and you will be able to pick it up instantly.

Prevent Potential Theft

#9 Tracking Your Laptop

After ensuring all the above, you can lose your laptop and that can be devastating because it is not only a financial loss, but a loss of personal files, data, photos and what not. For this reason, there are various applications which can track the laptops through the IP address and they secure or delete your data from it.

#10 Log Out from all devices

The moment you feel like your laptop has been replaced or stolen, you should attempt the log out of all the devices and it is better if you change the password before the thief does.

Log Out from all devices

The Internet surely can make all your life more comfortable. But firstly, ensure that you always remain vigilant against web threats!

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