How to prolong battery life of your smartphone? Battery manufacturer exposed all secrets!

How to prolong battery life of your smartphone? Battery manufacturer exposed all secrets!
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We all used to think that short and incomplete charging of your smartphone is bad for the battery. But is it true or another myth?

Battery manufacturer Cadex says it’s a myth. They created a platform, where you can find an impressive amount of information about different batteries. You can damage a productivity of Li-ion battery (this one is used in every smartphone) by overcharging, for example, if you leave the phone charging at night. Battery University claims that the charging process can be intermittent, and Li-ion does not need saturation.

Here are some recommendations how to prolong the life of your battery.

Do not charge the phone at night

Better for you is periodically charging the smartphone throughout the day.

Do not turn on the screen while charging

It will will increase the duration of charge.

Use an airplane mode while charging your smartphone

It will speed up the process in a few times.

Charging via Wall Outlet

It is more effective and quicker, than charging from PC. This fact confirm every smartphone manufacturer.

Do not let the phone being dead often

Lithium batteries are designed for more frequent charging, so if their charge level drops to zero too often – the battery may be damaged.

Do not allow the battery to warm up

Although you can not control the weather, you can just be sure that the phone does not stay in the car under the scorching sun, or in your pocket, where it could get warm from body temperature. Also, check the battery while charging. If it seems overly hot, maybe your charger does not work properly. Use only specially designed chargers, instead of those from which the battery can be heated.

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