Fake Virus Alert

If you're not careful, fake virus alert can lead to a real malware infection

Fake virus alerts are a nuisance; if you’re not careful, they can lead to a real malware injection. Hackers create fake virus alerts to deceive victims into clicking on the false virus warnings and inadvertently installing malware. So first, learn the telltale signs of a fake virus and how to deal with it. What is… Continue reading Fake Virus Alert

Check-tl-ver Pop-Up Virus

Check-tl-ver pop-ups are annoying and dangerous, but it is relatively easy to stop them

Analysis shows a hike in the number of malicious pop-ups that come from Check-tl-ver… websites. It is a rather common strategy of aggressive marketing that aims to spam users after forcing them to allow sending notifications from the aforementioned websites. Let’s figure out what this scam is, and how to stop Check-tl-ver pop-ups. What are… Continue reading Check-tl-ver Pop-Up Virus

Re Captha Version Pop-Ups Virus

Pop-up notifications in a web browser may distract users, and also are a major security hazard

Recent user complaints show a new wave of malicious Re Captha Version website pop-ups. Such websites aim to force users into allowing pop-up notifications, to further send dozens of pop-up advertisements. Let me explain how this all works and how to stop pop-ups from appearing.

Drinker App – what is Drinker Adware?

The Drinker program is an example of a concealed adware

The Drinker app is another example of a malicious program that disguises itself as a useful utility for your PC. Another two – Healthy and Strength – popped up almost simultaneously. All of them are classified as adware and have a lot of things to be worried about. Let’s check the Drinker app top to… Continue reading Drinker App – what is Drinker Adware?

Healthy App (HealthySoftware) – What is Healthy?

In fact, the Healthy app is a typical example of adware

Healthy App seems to be the companion of the other unwanted app – Strength Adware. The dubious application gets into users’ PCs to show them tons of advertisements. Let’s check out what this app is and what are the dangers of the Healthy application. Healthy App – What is it? Healthy is a small application… Continue reading Healthy App (HealthySoftware) – What is Healthy?

Strength Adware – What Is Strength App?

Strength App can correctly be defined as adware

Strength Adware, a new advertising malware, began appearing on users’ devices. It is still not clear how it manages to get into the system, but its effects are not pleasant. I did a check-up of this malware and can say how dangerous the Strength Adware is. Strength Adware spreading The key point of this adware… Continue reading Strength Adware – What Is Strength App?

8 Symptoms Of Adware: How to Avoid it

What is adware meaning? It is an agressive software whose goal is to collect marketing information about the user loading them with an avalanche of advertisements, often in the form of pop-ups, text links, or banners. Users may download this kind of program unknowingly when it comes in a bundle with other software package users… Continue reading 8 Symptoms Of Adware: How to Avoid it

TOP Facts About Adware Attacks To Be Reminded Today

To begin with, each of you has faced this challenge. Namely, the infestation with advertising: pop-up windows, banners on your screen left and right when you want to do your job or find the needed information in the browser. It comes from nowhere, and often when you click on it, even accidentally, more advertising windows… Continue reading TOP Facts About Adware Attacks To Be Reminded Today

How to Disable Push Notifications in Your Browser

More and more sites use push notifications to show you the latest news anytime. Nevertheless, it’s such an annoying thing! Almost every site uses such a way of promotion. Did you know that by clicking “Allow”, you can let viruses in your system? It’s a popular way of spreading, by the way. Redirects, pop-ups, new… Continue reading How to Disable Push Notifications in Your Browser

Adware Everywhere: Who Knows What Is Happening?

Perhaps you’ve heard the familiar whirlwind that no harm can ever hit your pricey gadget, maybe because everything from official App Stores is 100% clean and safe. And so, you’re on your favorite browser, carefree and worry-free! Alas! The browser starts to act stupid, redirecting and taking you places filled with creepy adverts or worse… Continue reading Adware Everywhere: Who Knows What Is Happening?