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What is Virus:Win32/Floxif.H detection? Analysis & Removal


Stephanie AdlamApr 16, 20246 min read

Virus:Win32/Floxif.H is a detection of a malicious program, though not a virus as you may suppose by its name. Malware…


Reverse Proxy vs Proxy

Stephanie AdlamJul 29, 20226 min read

What is a Reverse Proxy? A reverse proxy is the same server but is in front of a web server. Depending on its configuration, it allows or refuses the external connection to reach the endpoint. Reverse proxies are used to improve security, performance, and reliability. To understand how a reverse proxy works and what benefits it can provide, let’s first remember what a reverse proxy server is. What is a reverse proxy? Proxy Server Meaning A…

False Positive Gridinsoft

How to Report a False Positive Detection?

Polina LisovskayaJul 12, 20223 min read

Gridinsoft is an antivirus software company that provides powerful solutions for detecting and removing malware from computers. However, sometimes our software may generate false positive detections, which can frustrate users. If you believe we have wrongly detected a legitimate file as malware, you can report the false positive detection to us. Here are the steps to follow:

đźš© Automatical False Positive Submission Before the removal process, if you select the action "Ignore Always" for the file we are receiving a…

antivirus antimalware difference

Antivirus scanner and anti-malware. What is the difference?

Stephanie AdlamDec 29, 20214 min read

Antivirus, anti-malware software, antivirus scanner… There are so many terms, and all of them look so similar, but they’re different. It is easy to confuse the user who does not have any information about all these things. Thus, it is important to clear out these things in easy words. From a certain point of view, antivirus programs, anti-malware software, security tools, and antivirus scanners are just synonyms. Sure, they have a lot of things in common – enough to call…

Malware vs. Virus

Malware vs. Virus. Difference explained

Stephanie AdlamDec 22, 20215 min read

The topic of this small post is malware vs. virus conceptual clarification. We remember times when people used to call any harmful program a “virus”. Today this “malware” term popped out! How do these words correlate? People seem to use them freely and arbitrarily. But is such usage correct? Let’s investigate. For those who are not interested in a more thorough explanation, let’s say that a virus is a particular case of malware. Under malware, we understand any software created…

Discord virus

What is Discord virus? Investigating a new online fraud

Stephanie AdlamMar 11, 20212 min read

Discord virus is only the name of a spamming campaign that takes place on this communication platform. The exact type of malware you can get through these tricks may vary in an extensive range. Nonetheless, the fraudsters’ method to fool you cannot be named original. There are two well-distinguishable ways – thick and gentle. A thick method is used in massive attacks. The possible victim receives a malicious link with a clickbait text from an unknown user. Because all such…

worst computer virus

What is the worst computer virus? Figuring out

Stephanie AdlamJan 27, 20216 min read

Worst computer virus – what is it? Seems that anyone who has ever been infected asks this question. And each user will think that his case was more severe than someone’s else. Is that true? And which virus is really the worst? It is important to mention that computer viruses are not only “viruses”. Nowadays, the term “computer viruses” is used to describe all types of malicious programs. But, in fact, viruses are just the type of malware – same…

gridinsoft + chronicle

Gridinsoft becomes Google’s information security partner

Vladimir KrasnogolovyOct 29, 20202 min read

Gridinsoft LLC is proud to be one of 68 partners of VirusTotal, Google’s Information Security Service, in the array of malware scanners. Currently, Gridinsoft is the second information security company in Ukraine to be in an equal position with the world’s technology giants in this field. VirusTotal is a free online service provided by Google, which analyzes suspicious files, helps businesses and users quickly and accurately detect viruses, worms, trojans, and all other kinds of malicious software.

Most popular malware families for the last…

New Times, New Threats: Adware.Amonetize investigation

New Times, New Threats: Adware.Amonetize investigation

Vladislav BaglayOct 13, 20175 min read

Lately, our Team faced with complaints about Adware.amonetize virus. It hits most of the countries of Europe, the biggest quantity of infections is in China, Azerbaijan, Iran, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. It doesn’t matter Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or other browsers do you use: you will see ads anyway. We investigated this virus and found that it spreads via a method we call bundling. It means that adware.amonetize sneaks into your system alongside with free software.…

Microsoft Tech Support scam affiliate program

Microsoft Tech Support Scam Affiliate Program

Vladislav BaglayMar 1, 20176 min read

The new sector of cyber attacks has become popular nowadays. In the guise of Microsoft Technical Support (Microsoft Tech Support Scam). Scammers try to force Internet users into making a call on an alleged toll-free phone number. Of course, this number isn’t free indeed, and the fraudsters gain money from each call. Tech Support Scam landing page example Due to many of our users claims about such cyber attacks, we’ve decided to make a detailed investigation…