Nine Web Scammers Arrested by Dutch Police in a Europol Operation

Dutch Police

Nine Internet scammers arrested in the Netherlands during Dutch-Belgian joint operation

Belgium and the Netherlands have conducted a Europol-supported operation to neutralize a group of cybercriminals. Malefactors made millions of euros with phishing and other fraudulent schemes.

The operation was carried out by Belgium and Netherlands police with the support of Europol. The Dutch police have arrested nine people aged between 25 and 36, eight men and a woman. The authorities have also searched 24 houses throughout the country.

The police have confiscated firearms, electronic devices, jewelry, and cryptocurrency from the suspects. The Belgian authorities initially started the investigation, so the individuals arrested in the Netherlands will be extradited to Belgium.

According to the police evidence, the suspects did phishing and other Internet scams that allowed them to make millions of euros. Cybercriminals sent emails, text messages, and WhatsApp messages to their victims. The SMS and letters contained a link to a spoofed bank website made for collecting users’ credentials. After getting these data, the crooks gained access to their victims’ bank accounts.

Europol report states that the frauds used mules to transfer and cash out funds from the victim’s accounts. The gang members have also turned out to be connected to illegal firearms and drug trafficking.

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