Unknown Google tricks for better searching

Google is an iconic search engine. You use it everyday, as well as 4.39 billion people who are connected to the Internet, use it, too. But there are a lot of functions which are always present inside of Google, that can make searching much easier or comfortable in one step. However, more than a 20% of its users haven’t heard about Google searching tricks. In this post, I will show you how to search with Google and get the results you actually want.

Meet the Google searching hints

Search Tabs for full information

Use Tabs introduced under the search bar if you need to get more complete information about the subject of search. This advice may sound like a truism, however, there is still a significant amount of people who don’t use this function. If the object you are searching is quite popular, Google may offer you fresh news about it, as well as videos on YouTube.

Tabs under the search bar

Quotes for precise google searching

Sometimes, Google searching can disappoint you with useless results. Such a situation occurs when you are searching for a specific subject with a complex search query. When your search query looks like , the search engine will show you a lot of irrelevant or low-relevant websites, which, however, contain the majority of words of your query. Google tries to find the website where all words you typed are present, regardless of their order. But if you specify that you need to find an exact phrase by taking your search query into quotes (“ntoskrnl.exe error fix”), Google will try to find the phrase you inputted with a strict word order.

Quotes usage in google searching

Hyphen to exclude excessive results

It’s quite a common case when your search queries have several commonly used meanings. For example, if you are googling for fast food images, you will definitely see a lot of photos of full bunch of different fast food dishes. However, you are likely searching for other pics – without fries, for example. To avoid any results with fries during Google searching, add an unwanted adjective/subject to your search query, dividing it with the “-” symbol after the initial part of the query (fast food -fries).

Specify the websites you need

Imagine that you may need an article/deal from the specific website. It’s quite hard to find this post manually on this site. Google will show you a lot of different materials following this theme, but missing the website you need. To force the search engine to show you the results from the exact website, enter the site name in the search bar, using the following syntax :

Specifying the website during the google searching

Asterisk wildcard to uncover the forgotten words

I think everyone was in the situation when you want to find the song by a single line, but don’t remember several words of this line. There are no chances to find the song without any tricks – Google searching mechanisms will show you everything in spite of the song you need. To solve such a problem, enter the search query with the asterisk symbol substituting the forgotten words.

[box] Never gonna * you up, never gonna * you *

Google searching by the time period

Google searching about some events which took place in the specific period of the past is possible without this advice, but will take much more time. For example, you need to find the list of prime ministers of the UK in the 90s. Usually, you search for the Wikipedia article which contains this information, and then scroll down to the period you need. But if you will google “UK Prime ministers 1990..”(exactly with 2 dots after the lower timeline border), you will see this list at the top of the results window. By analogy, you may search for something which was before the specified period, simply adding 2 dots before the upper timeline border (..1990).

Time period specifying in google searching

Professional slang for professional help

You may notice that Google will show you different forums or other low-trustworthy resources if you google something like “my chandelier is blinking constantly”. Of course, it is unlikely that you will get good advice on mentioned resources. But it can be solved easily : just try to use more formalized vocabulary to form your search query : “repair the blinking chandelier”.


This is not a full list of hints that is embedded in Google search engine. But this ones are the most useful and will surely help you to find exactly what you need. If you like this article, and these advices helped you in your queries, please, share it with your friends or in social networks.

By Polina Lisovskaya

I have been working as a marketing manager for many years and I like to look for interesting topics for you

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