The US Will Introduce A Cyber Army Into Its Military Units

The US Will Introduce A Cyber Army Into Its Military Units
The US Will Introduce A Cyber Army Into Its Military Units

By 2030 the US plans to double the size of its military cyber units. The Pentagon prepares for future battles that will involve military operations on the cyber field.

The plans include the increase of Cyber Mission Force Groups up to 6,000 people and the number of employees of army units, reservists and the National Guard will increase from 5,000 to 7,000 people. According to Lieutenant General of the Army John Morrison we will continue to see US cyber division grow as the Army expand cyber activities and capabilities.

For the means of cyber protection and improvements of IT systems the US Army has requested $16.6 billion. Another $9.8 billion is intended for the military IT system, which is a priority for modernization. Also $2 billion will be allocated for offensive and defensive cyber operations, and cybersecurity research and development.

In total, the budget of $178 billion will be aimed at maintaining a multidisciplinary task force capable of performing operations in cyberspace. Ultimately, it is expected to create 5 task forces. As Army IT director Raj Ayer says 2023 is a “breakthrough year” in digital transformations.

2023 will be the year when the old and convenient services change into new and profitable ones. Also, according to the same Ayer US Army need to make sure that investments are properly aligned with the priorities of the army and with the priorities of the Department of Defense through the publication of the National Defense Strategy.

In addition to this it has become known that the US Army began testing combat goggles Microsoft HaloLens. Microsoft prepared $ 1.3 billion. for tests of points in combat conditions.

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