Windows Cannot Access The Specified Device, Path or File Error Fix Guide

Windows can sometimes struggle with running applications, showing this lengthy error message

Windows Cannot Access The Specified Device, Path or File is a system error that users may encounter while trying to run a program or open a folder. The error obviously flags an issue that the system has encountered while following the command, which may happen for a selection of reasons. Here, I will explain all… Continue reading Windows Cannot Access The Specified Device, Path or File Error Fix Guide

How to Secure Windows 10 from Hackers

Secure Windows 10 Against Hackers and Threats

Windows 10 boasts valuable features, providing comfortable tools for user PCs and safeguarding confidential data. However, to secure Windows 10 effectively, understanding its vulnerability due to its dominance in the market—with over 85% of user devices—is crucial. This operating system has many vulnerabilities that attackers actively exploit. Below is a useful guide with essential tips… Continue reading How to Secure Windows 10 from Hackers


Sihost.exe consumes too much system resources? Let's fix it.

Sihost.exe is a crucial background process in Windows 11/10 that governs essential features like the context menu and action center. However, it can sometimes malfunction and disrupt system stability. In this article, we unravel the essence of Sihost.exe and equip you to eliminate troubles within your system. Sihost.exe – What is It? Windows has many… Continue reading Sihost.exe

SearchHost.exe – Is SearchHost a virus?

SearchHost.exe consumes CPU/GPU and memory? Here are a few tips to fix this up

SearchHost is a process responsible for indexing the Start menu and Explorer search files in Windows 10/11. It allows you to conveniently search for files on your computer by indexing their contents. However, this process can be spoofed by a coin miner or malware that uses its name to masquerade on your system. How to… Continue reading SearchHost.exe – Is SearchHost a virus?


Everything is poison and the whole medicine, the difference only in the application

WinRing0x64.sys is a low-level driver that is used by specific applications. The file is not malicious, though, but malware can abuse this driver. Next, we will find out who uses WinRing0x64.sys and why and answer the question of whether it can be removed. WinRing0x64 Overview WinRing0x64.sys is a crucial software component that allows applications to… Continue reading WinRing0x64.sys

Antimalware Service Executable

Antimalware Service Executable is a system process that belongs to Windows Defender. Usually, it does not cause any issues, and the user does not notice it. In some cases, it can consume an abnormal amount of resources. I have compiled some practical solutions to address this problem in this article. What is Antimalware Service Executable?… Continue reading Antimalware Service Executable


A full explanation of TextInputHost.exe process and troubleshooting recommendations.

TextInputHost.exe is a legitimate process by Microsoft required for text input functionality in Windows. It gathers input from sources like your keyboard, touchscreen, or pen, interprets it, and delivers it to your specific application. Though for some users seeing that process may be confusing; it is also a source of several issues that I will… Continue reading TextInputHost.exe


Normally, CCXProcess.exe is a legitimate process, but there could be issues and malware attacks

CCXProcess.exe is a legitimate process belonging to Adobe Creative Cloud. It regularly confuses users who open Task Manager and look at the list of running apps. That process also appears in the startup list, creating even more questions. Now, let me explain what this process is and find out when to be wary of it… Continue reading CCXProcess.exe

Werfault.exe Error

Explanation of Werfault.exe and how to fix issues related to it

Werfault.exe is a system process used to collect information about program errors, which helps diagnose and resolve issues to improve the user experience. In certain cases, it can repeatedly crash, displaying an error message, and also be used by malware. What is Werfault.exe? Werfault.exe is a Windows Error Reporting (WER) process. It is responsible for… Continue reading Werfault.exe Error


AggregatorHost.exe process may confuse users, even though it is completely safe. Or is it?

Aggregatorhost.exe is a process in the Task Manager that is also often suspicious to users. Due to its uncertain nature, it can appear to the users as a malicious process, but it is not (at least, not usually). Below, I will tell you what this process is, what it refers to, and whether you may… Continue reading AggregatorHost.exe