Werfault.exe Error

Explanation of Werfault.exe and how to fix issues related to it

Werfault.exe is a system process used to collect information about program errors, which helps diagnose and resolve issues to improve the user experience. In certain cases, it can repeatedly crash, displaying an error message, and also be used by malware. What is Werfault.exe? Werfault.exe is a Windows Error Reporting (WER) process. It is responsible for… Continue reading Werfault.exe Error


AggregatorHost.exe process may confuse users, even though it is completely safe. Or is it?

Aggregatorhost.exe is a process in the Task Manager that is also often suspicious to users. Due to its uncertain nature, it can appear to the users as a malicious process, but it is not (at least, not usually). Below, I will tell you what this process is, what it refers to, and whether you may… Continue reading AggregatorHost.exe

How to Disable Windows Defender? Windows 10 & 11 Guide

Despite being an effective security tool, Windows Defender can cause problems that force users into disabling it

“Disable Windows Defender” has become a particularly popular advice to the users who want to speed up their computer. Though, not all of them mention the actual way to disable it. Moreover, this trick has become quite complicated with the Windows 11 release. Let’s figure out how to disable Windows Defender in both Windows 10… Continue reading How to Disable Windows Defender? Windows 10 & 11 Guide