Stopabit Virus

If you see Stopabit in the Task Manager, your system is at risk

Stopabit is an unwanted application that has almost no useful functionality. Users can see its promotions as a useful tool for screen time control, but it in fact aims at exploiting the bandwith. This may lead to connectivity issues and illicit traffic being routed through the system. Such applications are commonly distributed through software bundling.… Continue reading Stopabit Virus

Taskbarify Unwanted Application

Things are not always as they seem at first glance.

Taskbarify is unwanted software that claims it is a tiny little Windows tweaker. However, it also turns the device into a proxy server without the user’s knowledge. Let me show you what is so dangerous about this utility, and how to remove it. What is Taskbarify? Taskbarify is a Windows utility classified as a Potentially… Continue reading Taskbarify Unwanted Application

Socks5Systemz Proxy Service Infects 10,000 Systems Worldwide

A proxy botnet using PrivateLoader and Amadey has been infecting devices around the world since 2016

A proxy botnet, “Socks5Systemz”, uses malware loaders to infiltrate computers across the globe. Attackers have infected about 10,000 devices and organized a full-fledged proxy service based on it. Socks5Systemz Dropper Malware Overview A recent analysis from Bitsight has revealed the existence of a new malware sample called the Socks5Systemz proxy botnet. Although it has been… Continue reading Socks5Systemz Proxy Service Infects 10,000 Systems Worldwide

Botnet of 400,000 Devices Used as Proxy Nodes Uncovered

If you've noticed a drop in network performance for no reason, your device may be infected

Cybercriminals used stealthy malware to create a botnet of 400,000 proxy servers. Although the company providing the proxy services claims that users voluntarily provided their devices, experts believe otherwise. A botnet of 400,000 proxy servers Cybersecurity researchers recently discovered a botnet with more than 400,000 existing proxy nodes. At first glance, the attackers appear as… Continue reading Botnet of 400,000 Devices Used as Proxy Nodes Uncovered

Proxyjacking: The Latest Cybercriminal Invention In Action

Attackers hack into devices and turn them into proxy servers to make a profit

Today, in the constantly changing world of cyber threats, attackers always look for new ways to get more benefits with less effort. Recently, researchers found an example of this and called it proxyjacking for profit. What is proxyjacking? Proxyjacking is an attacker’s illegal use of a victim’s bandwidth for its own good. The closest related… Continue reading Proxyjacking: The Latest Cybercriminal Invention In Action

Reverse Proxy vs Proxy

What is a Reverse Proxy? A reverse proxy is the same server but is in front of a web server. Depending on its configuration, it allows or refuses the external connection to reach the endpoint. Reverse proxies are used to improve security, performance, and reliability. To understand how a reverse proxy works and what benefits… Continue reading Reverse Proxy vs Proxy

VPN, Proxy, or Tor: Differences, Meaning

You’ve probably heard the words VPN, Proxy, and Tor. You may even regularly use these technologies to remain anonymous, bypass blockades, view content blocked in your region, or simply access your corporate network. But how exactly do these technologies work, and how do they differ? Today we’ll talk about how to protect yourself and your… Continue reading VPN, Proxy, or Tor: Differences, Meaning