Hunt Ransomware ([email protected])

Hunt ransomware is a novice malware sample, detected on April 5, 2024

Hunt ransomware is a new sample of the Dharma/CrySis ransomware family that appeared on April 5, 2024. This malware aims at encrypting the files and asking a ransom payment for their decryption. It unselectively targets both home users and corporations, correcting the ransom depending on the target. Jakub Kroustek was the first to discover this… Continue reading Hunt Ransomware ([email protected])


Once the Trojan:Script/Ulthar.A!ml successfully infects a system, it can perform a range of harmful actions.

Trojan:Script/Ulthar.A!ml is a detection of Windows Defender that identifies as a trojan. It specifically refers to a script-based malicious program. However, it can often turn out to be a false positive, and antivirus programs label harmless files as malicious. Let’s understand what this detection is and why it can be false. What is Trojan:Script/Ulthar.A!ml? Trojan:Script/Ulthar.A!ml… Continue reading Trojan:Script/Ulthar.A!ml

Bitfiat Process High CPU – Explained & Removal Guide

Have you opened Task Manager and found the Bitfiat high CPU usage? Here is the way to solve this.

Bitfiat is a malicious coin miner that exploits your computer’s hardware to mine cryptocurrencies. Such malware takes as much resources as it can, making the system impossible to use. Let’s see what this malware is, and how to remove it. Bitfiat Overview The Bitfiat process is related to the activity of a malicious coin miner.… Continue reading Bitfiat Process High CPU – Explained & Removal Guide


Trojan:Script/Phonzy.B!ml is a nasty thing, but we'll help you get rid of it

Trojan:Script/Phonzy.B!ml is a generic detection name used by Microsoft Defender. This type of malware is categorized as a loader as it mainly aims at delivering malicious payloads onto infected systems. Throughout hundreds of infection cases, Phonzy trojan was noticed to often deliver banking trojans. Trojan:Script/Phonzy.B!ml Overview Trojan:Script/Phonzy.B!ml is a generic detection name that Windows Defender… Continue reading Trojan:Script/Phonzy.B!ml


Oneetx.exe is a process that belongs to Amadey Dropper executable file

Oneetx.exe is a malicious process, related to Amadey dropper malware. It can be spectated in the Task Manager, with seemingly nothing suspicious about it – if you don’t know what it stands for. Let me show you how it appears and how you can remove it. What is Oneetx.exe process? Oneetx.exe is a disguised name… Continue reading Oneetx.exe

Benefits Of Using Malware Protection

It seems that people are not aware of the benefits of using malware protection. Many people have heard about computer threats but possess a rather vague understanding of what they are and what types of network menaces there are in general. Once upon a time, you could often hear the word “virus;” today, the scary… Continue reading Benefits Of Using Malware Protection

How to Remove a Virus From a Computer in Safe Mode

Safe Mode, Windows Safe Mode, Remove malware, Viruses, GridinSoft Anti-malware

Most widespread viruses can be removed from your PC without any additional setups. However, some “serious” examples of computer viruses can block the anti-malware software usage or just load the CPU so much that the security tool will fail to start. For that case (and some other actions) Microsoft added the Safe Mode to their… Continue reading How to Remove a Virus From a Computer in Safe Mode