WiFi-Hacking by Neighbours is Rampant in the UK, Research Says


WiFi-Hacking by Neighbors is Rampant in the UK, Research Says

The research by a broadband Internet provider Konnect showed that more than 4 million Brits possess the experience of hacking their neighbors’ wireless routers to reduce their expenses.

About 2000 respondents took part in the research, which showed that one hacker, on average, used their neighbors’ Internet without permission for 52 days. However, more than 20 people used another person’s Internet connection for the entire year.

Using one’s neighbor’s Internet connection is called “Piggybacking.” According to the provider’s statistics, around 35% of the respondents have used their neighbors’ connections without notifying them. Moreover, Konnect has learned that many people visit McDonald’s and other public places with the purpose of downloading movies, games, and TV shows.

Only 1% of the hackers consider these doings wrong. Most of the survey participants have confessed they hacked their neighbors’ routers by guessing passwords or using help from Youtube videos or their knowledgeable friends.

We remind all our readers about the necessity of having strong passwords on all their Internet-of-Things devices. IoT devices have a connection to the network and their own interface, just like WiFi routers. Consider reading this article on WiFi routers vulnerabilities and make sure yours is well-protected.

By Stephanie Adlam

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