Ukrainian cyber police arrested the author of uPanel phishing kit

Ukrainian cyber police uPanel

Ukrainian cyber police have arrested a 39-year-old man who is probably the author of uPanel, one of the most popular phishing kits on the black market.

The arrest of the developer of the malicious toolkit was the result of an international investigation.

The suspect, whose name was not released to the public, was arrested last week, on Thursday, February 4, in the Ternopil region of Ukraine, following an international investigation between law enforcement agencies in Australia, the US, and Ukraine.reports ZDNet.

ZDNet’s own sources claim that the phishing toolkit is called uPanel (aka U-Admin). Last year, researcher Fred HK described this phishing kit as follows:

U-Admin is a control panel for getting logs from phishing kits and managing interaction with the victim. U-Admin is also used for injections in the form of code snippets that are implemented into the victim’s browser. This allows the attacker to collect more information. U-Admin is not sold separately, but it is included in the price in case of buying of [the author’s] phishing pages/injections.

Reporters write that uPanel used to be sold through a special site on the darknet and advertised on a popular hack forum, by a person known as kaktys1010. Based on old ads, the uPanel suite has been available for sale since 2015 for between $80 and $800, depending on the features that buyers wanted.

Ukrainian law enforcement officials report that after a search and seizure of computers, laptops and smartphones in the suspect’s house, the investigation identified more than 200 active uPanel clients.

A video published by Ukrainian officials with footage of the suspect’s arrest is available below:

Investigators say the suspect not only wrote and advertised the phishing kit, but spent a lot of time and effort providing technical support to his clients.

UPanel-sponsored phishing attacks targeted financial institutions in Australia, Spain, the United States, Italy, Chile, the Netherlands, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom. For example, 50% of all phishing attacks targeting Australian users in 2019 were managed using uPanel.

As we reported, last year the Ukrainian cyber police in cooperation with Binance detained operators of 20 cryptocurrency exchangers.

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