How Teens Tricking Their Parents With The Help of Their Electronic Devices

How Teens Tricking Their Parents With The Help of Their Electronic Devices

We all know that the internet has become a major necessity of the modern times. The latest electronic devices like laptops, tablets and mobile phones only make it easier to access the internet. There are undoubtedly many beneficial reasons why children and teenagers along with adults should use electronic devices and have around-the-clock access to the internet. There are a number of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram that makes it easier for children and teens to connect with their friends and loved ones. However, despite many benefits of advanced technology, the one thing that cannot be overseen is the misuse and abuse of electronic devices by teenagers who sometimes do inappropriate things on the internet and then hide them by fooling their parents.

Misuse of Electronic Products

There is an unlimited variety of electronic devices that are available to teens today. Mobile phones, laptops, personal computers, and tablets are very common possessions of all teenagers and even children as well! The times have long gone when we used to have nothing but toys to play with at the age of 15. These days a 15-year old teenager most probably has a mobile phone as well as a personal laptop. Hence, the misuse and exploitation of it is common.

Ways in Which Parents Are Being Fooled

If you are a young parent with a teenager in the house, there are big chances you are unaware of around 70 percent of his/her doings! Allow us to reveal you the top ways in which modern day parents are easily being tricked by teenagers.

1. Privacy Settings of Devices

The one thing that is most commonly done to trick parents is setting the privacy settings of the concerned device as per their personal preference. Parents have no way of getting through these strict security settings such as the phone locks, social media account passwords and even laptop access passcodes.
Privacy Settings of Devices

2. Teens tricking parents: Clear History

Another common trick used by teenagers to keep their parents in the dark is by clearing the history of their device. Did you know that practically every device’s history can be cleared? Whether it is the watch or search history on YouTube or the browsing history on your internet browser – everything is cleared with just one simple click. Hence, parents get no insight into their growing teen’s activities whatsoever.
Clear History

3. Last Seen ‘Off’

Many parents happily think that their teen daughter or son is sleeping in the room next door when in reality your 16-year old might be up all night texting a special friend. There is no way you can find out about it though since all social media accounts now come with the feature of ‘last seen off’. This completely shuts out parents from keeping an eye out on their child’s activity on the internet.

Last Seen Off

4. Customize You Out of Their Online Posts

Are you happy that your teen daughter has accepted your friend request on Facebook? Well, think again! She can still share friends only posts without you knowing anything by blocking you from seeing the post!
Customize You Out of Their Online Posts

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