Third Party Data Breach: Definition and How to Prevent It

Data breaches by third parties are a concerning issue for today’s organizations.

In today’s digital landscape, data breaches have become an alarming reality for organizations and individuals. The increasing reliance on technology and the widespread collection, storage, and exchange of personal information have created opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities. Among the various types of data breaches, third party data breach has emerged as a particularly concerning… Continue reading Third Party Data Breach: Definition and How to Prevent It

How to Defeat Insider Threat?

Insider threat is a commonly underestimated danger which can deal a lot of damage to your company

In the current digital world, organizations face more risks than ever due to fast-paced technological changes. However, while external cyber threats such as hackers and malware often dominate the headlines, there is a lurking danger that often goes unnoticed and is underestimated – the insider threat. Insider Threat Definition An insider threat refers to harmful… Continue reading How to Defeat Insider Threat?