Once the Trojan:Script/Ulthar.A!ml successfully infects a system, it can perform a range of harmful actions.

Trojan:Script/Ulthar.A!ml is a detection of Windows Defender that identifies as a trojan. It specifically refers to a script-based malicious program. However, it can often turn out to be a false positive, and antivirus programs label harmless files as malicious. Let’s understand what this detection is and why it can be false. What is Trojan:Script/Ulthar.A!ml? Trojan:Script/Ulthar.A!ml… Continue reading Trojan:Script/Ulthar.A!ml

Trojan:Win32/Randet.A!plock – What is That Detection?

Windows Defender detects the file as Trojan:Win32/Randet.A!plock? Let's find out why

Windows Defender’s mass detections of Trojan:Win32/Randet.A!plock worries people. Are the user files complained about by Defender malicious? Trojan:Win32/Randet.A!plock Microsoft Defender Detection Recently, users have been actively discussing on thematic forums on the network about Windows Defender triggering on files that, according to the Defender, are Trojan:Win32/Randet.A!plock. According to users, the detected file may be a… Continue reading Trojan:Win32/Randet.A!plock – What is That Detection?

How to Report a False Positive Detection?

False Positive Gridinsoft

Gridinsoft is an antivirus software company that provides powerful solutions for detecting and removing malware from computers. However, sometimes our software may generate false positive detections, which can frustrate users. If you believe we have wrongly detected a legitimate file as malware, you can report the false positive detection to us. Here are the steps… Continue reading How to Report a False Positive Detection?