Joint Operation: SSNDOB Personal Data Darknet Market Seized

SSNDOB seized

What SSNDOB Was Before Its Servers Were Seized

The US Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, and Federal Bureau of Investigation have joined forces with law enforcement authorities in Latvia and Cyprus to seize the SSNDOB darknet market. They informed the public about the operation in the official report on June 7, 2022.

SSNDOB used to be a large market for personal data. The name of the market is the combination of two abbreviations: SSN (social security number) and DOB (date of birth.) Thus, names, dates of birth, social security numbers, and other data of about 24 million citizens of the United States had flocked to the servers of SSNDOB, generating profit for the marketplace owners.

Leaked data vendors used to place advertisements of what they had to sell on dark web announcement boards and forums. The deals were stricken afterward on the notorious marketplace. SSNDOB administration urged its clients to pay for the data in cryptocurrency. As for the application of personal data purchased on SSNDOB, buyers used it in illegal machinations of various kinds, including tax and banking frauds. The revenue generated from such deals amounted to $19 million. The leaked information mostly came to SSNDOB from healthcare institutions.

The four seized domains were,,, and They served as mirrors, which allowed the marketplace to avoid disruption in work, should even one of the servers be shut down due to criminal investigations. However, the joint and simultaneous actions led to the effective seizure of SSNDOB operations with the marketplace infrastructure dismantled.

The Context

The context of the SSNDOB servers seizure would not be complete without a suspicion outspoken by the researchers at Chinalysis, who have traced a connection between SSNDOB and Joker’s Stash, a dark web market selling credit card details (stolen, of course.) Joker’s Stash was shut down in February 2021. But before that, around 100 thousand dollars in cryptocurrency were transferred from SSNDOB to Jocker’s Stash. Chinalysis even presume that both resources belonged to the same owners.

Following the shutting down of Hydra and RaidForums, the seizure of SSNDOB is another battle won in America’s decisive war on cybercriminals.

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