SolarWinds hack allowed Russian attackers to infiltrated dozens of US Treasury Department mailboxes

US Treasury Department Mailboxes

US Senator Ron Wyden, a member of the US Senate Finance Committee, said that hackers, standing behind the SolarWinds hack, compromised dozens of US Treasury Department mailboxes.

The statement came after the Treasury Department and the IRS held a briefing with committee members regarding the attack on SolarWinds.

While has yet been found no evidence that the IRS itself or any taxpayer data has been compromised, the senator says that “the Treasury hack appears to be significant.”

According to employees of the Ministry of Finance, there was a serious compromise in the organization, the depth of which is still unknown. Microsoft has notified the organization that dozens of email accounts have been hacked.Weiden says.

Also, according to Weiden, the Ministry of Finance still does not know exactly what actions the hackers took, and what information was stolen.

I am extremely concerned about the breach at Treasury. Hackers accessed dozens of email accounts, and the full extent of the damage is still unknown. It’s time to become concerned about cybersecurity, and put an end to any plan that weakens encryption.Wyden said on Twitter.

The statements were made the same day that Attorney General William P. Barr joined Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in his last press conference before retiring, claiming Moscow was almost certainly behind the hack. The invasion went through a commercial network management software package created by SolarWinds, a company based in Austin, Texas, and gave hackers wide access to government and corporate systems.

Let me remind you that the compromise of SolarWinds, which develops software for enterprises to help manage their networks, systems and infrastructure, became known in mid-December. After infiltrating the SolarWinds network, the attackers provided Orion’s centralized monitoring and control platform with a backdoor.

It also became known that SolarWinds was hacked because its credentials were publicly available on GitHub.

To complicate matters, SolarWinds’ client list includes more than 400 of the largest US Fortune 500 companies, as well as many government agencies, banks, medical institutions and smaller businesses.

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