ChatGPT Users Complained about Seeing Other People’s Chat Histories

Other people's chats in ChatGPT

Some ChatGPT users have reported on social media that their accounts show other people’s chat histories.

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As a result, the OpenAI developers were forced to temporarily disable this functionality in order to fix the bug. The company emphasized that because of the bug, people saw only the headlines of other people’s conversations, but not their content.

The ChatGPT interface has a sidebar that displays past conversations with the chatbot, visible only to the account owner. However, yesterday several people reported that ChatGPT began showing them other people’s chat histories. At the same time, one of the users emphasized that he does not see all someone else’s correspondence, but only the names of different conversations with the bot.

Other people's chats in ChatGPT
Alien logs in the sidebar

After a number of messages about this problem, the chat histories began to give an error “Unable to load history”, and then the service was completely disabled. According to the OpenAI status page and company representatives’ comments, given by Bloomberg, the problem did not extend to the full conversation logs, and only their titles were disclosed.

The developers are now saying they have found the cause of the crash, which appears to be related to unnamed open-source software used by the OpenAI.

The service has been restored, but many users still do not see the old conversation logs, and the team assures that they are already working on restoring them.

The media note that this is an important reminder of why you should not share any sensitive information with ChatGPT. After all, the FAQ on the OpenAI website has its reasons to say: “Please do not share any confidential information in your conversations.” The fact is that the company cannot remove certain data from the logs, and conversations with the chatbot can be used to train AI.

As part of our commitment to safe and responsible AI, we review conversations to improve our systems and to ensure the content complies with our policies and safety requirements.the Open AI FAQ says.

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